Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Cottonridge Zipper Hoodie Review

We were recently asked if we would like to review a Cottonridge Hoodie, and with the older kids at home, I thought it would be great to get them involved in something, so we kindly accepted a premium zipped hoodie from www.cottonridge.co.uk

The hoodie arrived the day after we ordered it and it was wrapped up well in the parcel. We like unboxing as it builds the anticipation of the gift inside, so we opened the box to find the hoodie wrapped in tissue paper - to me this is a sign of quality straight away, but once we opened it, the hoodie was so soft and fluffy.

My son chose to have the hoodie, because he was impressed with one of the features which is a bottle opener in the pocket. Being 21 he is always out drinking with his mates and when your at a party and can't find a bottle opener, its a nuisance so this is perfect for him. It also has an Ipod/Iphone holder in the pocket so your phone isn't loose in your pocket and it is less likely to fall out. Especially if you have just come home from that party that you needed the bottle opener for!

The feature that I like the best are the thumb holes in the sleeve, the amount of times I tell him to wear gloves and he doesn't, I mean its not very manly is it? But with the holes in the cuff of the sleeve, he can just slide his thumbs in there and it pull the hoodie down to cover his hands a bit. This is such a great idea, I remember my kids doing this to their school jumpers years ago.

They come in fashionable colours and we have the dusty red colour, which looks really good on my son. A full range of the colours can be found here.

It is made from extra thick and extra soft fabric compared to many other hoodies on the market (330gsm compared to 280gsm) you can feel the thickness in the hoodie as soon as you pick it up. Living by the sea like we do, we get a lot of wind from the North Sea and it can get very cold, but he can wear this when he goes out and he will be warm - Yes he may be 21 but I still worry about him.

They do ship worldwide and a selection of delivery prices can be found here, but within the UK delivery is £3.95. All will be delivered within 21 days, Obviously faster for UK orders. All are fully refundable if faulty or incorrectly sent, but please keep your proof of purchase as you would any other purchase you make. You also get a certificate of authenticity to know its a genuine Cottonridge product.

They have an environmental policy to ensure they do their part to protect the environment, so this would encourage me to buy a product from here. They also have an ethical policy which includes that they will not use products that have been tested on animals and they won't work with suppliers that test on animals, So this is absolutely perfect for vegetarians and vegans. Having a vegetarian in the house, this is perfect for us. There is a full list of the ethical policies here

Cottonridge also sell pullover hoodies and they have a few different designs, they are based on university sweater from USA. You can choose a large logo or a smaller logo on the front of the hoodie, we chose the zipper hoodie, so it comes with the smaller logo. The pullover hoodies look better with a larger logo. The hoodie we were sent was W81PF-CT10LB-Ultra Premium Zip Hoodie and is available for £46.50.

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