Saturday, 6 February 2016

Dear Daughter ........

Dear Daughter,

Last night I held your baby sister as she sobbed her heart out, in bed. I went into her room to find her crying in bed and it took a while to get her to admit why she was crying. It was because she misses you! She is crying every night for you, but last night was the worst. She sobbed her little heart out and she couldn't even catch her breath between the sobs. She was devastated at missing you.

Normally when she gets upset, she rings you and has a chat - but she can't even do that now because you have changed your number. Last night I had to hold her so tightly as I tried to calm her down, it actually broke my heart to see my little girl hurting so much. Last night she clung to me all night and she has developed separation anxiety. If anyone goes out they have to promise they will be back, they have to tell her when she will be back and she can't settle until they are back.

She doesn't understand anything that's gone on because she is only 5 years old, all she can see is that her sister has walked out on her and she is blaming herself. She thinks you don't love her anymore and she keeps asking why you can't come home. I have told her that you won't be able to see baby D, if you come home - then she asked me why we can't go and see you. I have explained to her that we can't because of Nathan being a bad person, But I can't say anymore than that because that would take her innocence away. I can't tell her the truth of whats happened because it will devastate her.

No five year old should ever have to go without people that she loves from the bottom of her heart. No five year old should ever have to repeatedly ask me to get your address so that she can send pictures that she has drawn you and declarations of love that she writes in her misspelled words. She has asked me for Instagram and now I have to take a photo of her special little things she makes you. Yes, my five year old has Instagram - because she is waiting for you to add her. Every day she asks if you have added her.
No matter how much you disagree with the way I am fighting for Justice for my family, no matter how much you hate me and no matter how much you're pretending life is normal - you can't walk away from Tilly, She loves you so much!

Rebuild your relationship with her before you break her heart anymore. Last night she asked me why she can't meet God, She wants to know why God would let this happen, God didn't let it happen though did he? Nathan Green did! Tilly really needs her sister and so do your friends, everyone misses you and they would love you to get in touch. What has happened is not your fault, we all do silly things for love.

I love you so much, you are my daughter but I can never forgive you for breaking my babies heart. Please get in touch with her - you have my number.

Love you to Gallifrey and back


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