Friday, 12 February 2016

StikBots Movie Figures Review

Technology plays such a big part of kids life at the moment (she says as Tilly is watching Netflix on her Kindle). Sometimes Kids use technology too much and 'forget' how to use their imagination. I love nothing more than watching Tilly use her imagination when she plays and quite often she plays with her dolls, using an american accent and creating story lines. So when the guys from StikBots asked us to have some fun playing with some of the pose able robots, we soon realised that these are not just toys for kids, they are fabulous for grown ups too.

StikBots were designed so that kids can produce frame by frame animation video's quickly and easily. Its so easy, that even kids as young as Tilly (5 years old) can have hours of fun producing a video. The way they are designed means that we can pose the StikBots in so many different poses and as they have suckers they can stick to each other. Like I said earlier even adults can have fun too - In fact a friend of mine said he is buying some for the people he works with at the office.

To make the StikBots into your own little movie, you just need to download the app from Iphone, then you pose your figures in a position and simply click. Once you have taken the first picture, you move your figures slightly and then take another picture. In order for you to make sure you only move your figures slightly, you will see on the screen a slight shadow of the previous picture. So when you are ready to take the next picture, you need to place the Iphone screen with shadow in position of the figures. Then click again. You just need to keep taking pictures after you have moved the figures slightly each time. If you move the figures too much, then there will be gaps in the film, Sadly tilly doesn't quite understand this and wants to move the figures at a quick speed. It does take about 30 minutes to do a film that lasts about 5 seconds but it is a great idea to keep them occupied for a few hours during half term or the Easter holidays. I have these in my office and I am always playing with them.

When the video is done, you can share it to your social media channels, and then all your friends can see your child's creativity.  StikBots combine using technology with good old fashioned imagination and as well as teaching them about making and editing a film, it is teaching them to be creative and they can write a story or a film script as they work on the movie, helping with reading and writing. They also use their maths skills with measuring the spaces between the figures and using times on the video. So giving your child something like is will be educational without them realising it. StikBots come from  are available at Smyths for as little as £3.99 so they really are pocket money toys. They are also on Amazon for next day delivery.

What Did We Think?

Tilly liked these because she really could let her imagination go and make up her own little story. She liked the fact that you can put the figures into almost any position by bending all the limbs and putting them into different poses. The app is easy to use and with a little bit of help from me she was able to easily use it. The app is free to download, which is a bonus after you have bought the figures. The only thing we would suggest is that you buy a camera stand to place your camera on, it is tricky to get the camera phone back in the same position everytime you move the figures. Its hard to keep your hands steady sometimes too. You do need to make sure that you have a good surface because otherwise the figures wont stick to it and they end up falling over all the time, this did annoy tilly a little bit as she gets inpatient so quickly. When Tilly had put the figures down, the adults picked them up and we had fun posing them in positions that cannot be put on my blog ;)

We would give these a 4/5 rating.

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  1. These look fantastic great in many ways lets children use their imagination and creative side come out and helps their technology side too, going to buy some of these as they look great fun for all the family


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