Monday, 8 February 2016

Vegetarian Broccoli, Pepper And Mushroom In Oyster Sauce With Firecracker Rice

Having a vegetarian in the house, means that I am usually cooking two lots of meals a day, but when it comes to eating a Chinese Fake-away we can all get away with eating a vegetable based meal without it being boring.

The guys at Tilda had challenged us to make a Chinese meal a couple of days ago and we made our own sweet and sour chicken from scratch. Today we have a vegetarian recipe of Broccoli, pepper and mushrooms in oyster sauce. It was so easy to put together and so healthy as you will have made it from scratch and you know what is going in to the recipe. I chose to make this recipe because I wanted something that wasn't too hot to eat with the Firecracker Ltd edition Tilda rice.

Here is a list of the ingredients

Oyster sauce
Garlic (crushed)
Dark soy sauce
Tilda Firecracker rice

To make it is so simple, you just need to take your chopped broccoli, mushrooms. pepper and garlic and stir fry them in your wok. I stir fried until the veg was starting to soften, then added some dark soy sauce. A couple of minutes later I added the oyster sauce and turned the hob down so the food simmered in the pan. At the end I added some beansprouts to give a different texture and a real authentic Chinese look to the meal. I served this meal alongside Tilda Firecracker rice and a noodle side dish (recipe below)

Noodles Ingredients

Dark soy sauce

As I had bought uncooked noodles, they needed cooking in a pan before adding to the meal but you can buy ready cooked noodles from the veg aisle of the supermarket.
I put the prawns, onions and mushrooms in my wok and started to stir fry them. I added some soy sauce as it was stir frying and added the cooked noodles. When everything was mixed in together well and was cooked, then I served alongside the Broccoli, pepper and mushrooms in oyster sauce and Firecracker rice. The rice literally takes a couple of minutes in the microwave, designed for the modern family for convenience and to save some time.

This was a collaboration with Tilda Firecracker rice and for more meal ideas and Tilda products please visit

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