Friday, 18 March 2016

Avengers Party Ware From Party Bags And Supplies

At the weekend it was Tillys birthday, we were going for the Frozen theme, but as boys were attending too we wanted something they would enjoy too, after all I know how important it is when you are a 5/6 year old boy and you don't want to eat off a Girly plate! I am not one to gender specify toys and kids items, Tilly loves The Avengers as much as her friends. but for this party I knew I had to get some stuff in more suitable for boys.

We ordered the Avengers tablewear pack for 8 from Party Bags And Supplies and it is RRP £9.25, which works out a bit cheaper than buying the bits separately. The set comes with 8 Avengers cups, 8 Iron Man plates, 20  Hulk napkins, 1 Avengers tablecover. The products are of a good quality and the napkins were thick, with a really good quality print on them. once the table was made up it looked great. Even I wanted to sit at the table!

We also received 8 filled party bags containing 1 x Notebook, 1 x Pencil, 1 x Eraser & 1 x Packet of Haribo Tangtastics, These are perfect for kids Age 3+. Please note contents may vary as it is all subject to availability. These filled party bags cost £1.99 and again the quality of the gifts inside is good, I loved the Hulk note book.

We also ordered some extra little bits for prizes and additional party bags, the extras were so cheap and started as low as 5p each. I found this to be cheaper than ordering from my local shops in town. I am a working mum and to be honest when Tilly asked for a party, I was horrified! I didn't have time to trawl around the internet looking for party table wear, I wouldn't shop around in town either, because sometimes the only place you can buy party wear is in a budget shop or £1 shop, but the quality is rubbish and I am a party snob, so I wanted quality and that is exactly what I got with I effectively had a party in a box, everything I needed to put on a perfect party. The ting that impressed me with my delivery was that everything is put into paper bags so it didn't get mixed up in transit. So I had a bag of tattoos, a bag of puzzles and a bag of notebooks. The party bags were also in paper bags so they didn't spill out in transit

On the website you can also buy other themed party wear from the website and they cover a whole range of themes from kids to adults. They even supply items for hen nights, as you can see on this post here. We also purchased masks for the kids party as well as some of the adults to wear. The Avengers masks were a bargain at £3.25 for 8, they say they are paper masks but they are a reasonable good quality thin card so they are quite durable. I think Tillys party was a success for the boys who came.

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