Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Bratz Sweet Style Collection Doll - Sasha Review

Have you thought about an alternative to Easter eggs for this Easter weekend? We have and Tilly was sent an alternative gift from the guys at Bratz. So Tilly would like to introduce you to The Bratz Sweet Style Collection. The collection features each of the girls in outfits inspired by their favorite sweets.
Cloe's all about the sprinkles & icing, we all know that this is the best part of any cake! Her pet froyo pup feels the same. Jade's got a major sweet tooth for mint chocolate chip and cotton candy and Yasmin's fashion inspiration is her all-time favorite froyo topping: crushed peppermint candy. As well as those three you also have Sasha.
Tilly was sent Sasha, to review and play with. She also made a little video for you all to show how the doll comes with a few little accesories. As well as the Sasha doll you get
  • Heart earrings
  • Candy bow necklace
  • Sprinkles hair bow
  • Candy cross-body bag
She looks like a real girly girl as she comes with a sweet style 2-piece outfit that features a satin top paired with a big layered red skirt and a gold bow accent. We did have problems putting her earrings in as they didn't seem to want to fit in the holes, so we left them out as we didn't want to break them. But it doesn't affect the doll in any way and you can still play with her. I wish they had cute dolls like this when I was little, I don't know if Tilly realises how lucky she is to have this doll, when I want one.


Bratz went through a complete makeover last year and they now wear less make up, and more like a fashion doll that you would want your little girl to play with. These dolls are perfect for girls and boys over the age of 5 years old. The doll was really easy to take out the box and I was pleased that it only took a few minutes to take away. As with other Bratz dolls in the range, you can mix and match the accessories including the shoes.

Bratz dolls are available at most toy shops and if you pop over to www.bratz.com you will find lots of information about the dolls and also some games to play.

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