Thursday, 3 March 2016

Mobile Tickets From

We travel quite a lot and we go on to for getting details of our trains when we are travelling and its so easy because its an easy website name to remember, but we also use the Trainline app on our smartphone. The best thing about using is that you constantly have your train times at the click of the phone too. You can normally book tickets online and collect them from the train station before you travel, You can either collect from the ticket machine or from over the counter.
Soon these will be a thing of the past
Now have introduced mobile ticket travel, where you can book your ticket on line and instead of choosing to collect it from the machine, you choose the mobile ticket option and add it to your wallet. Before you travel you simply activate your ticket and it is easily accessible to be shown when it is needed along your journey. You don't need to worry about having a signal to view your ticket either but you will need to be careful that you don't run out of battery, because if you are travelling without a valid ticket, you can be fined. Many trains these days have plugs to charge your devices up.

The mobile ticket can be used on Android phones and IPhones. Mobile tickets are accepted by Virgin Trains, Virgin East Coast, CrossCountry Trains, Greater Anglia, Northern Rail, First Transpennine Express and Great Western Railway on a rapidly increasing range of routes. Some stations will have scanners to scan your ticket, but if they don't then you simply show your ticket to a member of staff and they will let you out of the platform. were good enough to send us on a trip to London and a visit to The London Aquarium in so we could experience booking tickets through the website and using the collection service. Sadly the mobile ticket isn't available on my routes so we were unable to try it, but I want Southeastern trains to hurry up and get it put into the area. We use our phones and devices to basically control our lives these days so why not use it to be your ticket? Mobile ticketing means that less tickets are being printed so it means less card is being used and it is so much better for the future of the tree's making it very green to use. We do travel a lot all over the country, So i am looking forward to using the mobile ticket. More and more routes are joining the scheme for mobile tickets and before we know it, it will be rolled out nationwide.

We enjoyed our day out in London and made the most of the day with a visit to The London Aquarium And Disney Cafe.

Days out like these will be so much easier without having to rummage around with tickets all the time. I am always putting my tickets away and never able to find them, but its funny how we can always find our mobile phone! 

You can download the app here for your Iphone or Android, 

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