Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Norm Of The North VIP Screening In Leicester Square

So we had a busy Sunday when we went to the Empire Cinema in Leicester square for the special screening of Norm Of  The North. The empire was certainly the place to be on Sunday with the likes of these people joining us to enjoy the film.

And then of course there was this little girl, famous in her own right for being mummy's little blogger!

I am a bit rubbish at spotting celebrities, I just think of them as normal people but the attendees on Sunday included Kate Garraway who introduced the screening at the front of the packed out cinema, Cherry Healey, Una Healy, Justin Lee Collins and The Brooks. We arrived in the building to find activities including performers, balloon animals, face painting and a Photo Booth before the film began. Photo booths always make an occasion special and is always a winning idea! Tilly loved the magician and nothing else even got a look in. She was just enthralled with the magic tricks.

After all the fun in the foyer, we took our seat in the cinema, and got comfortable to watch the movie. 

Norm Of The North is about A polar bear of many words, The film follows Norm as he gets annoyed with tourists coming to the Arctic and it gets worse when he discovers a maniacal developer threatens to build luxury condos in his own backyard, What would a polar bear do in this situation? Well of course he stows away on a ship to New York City to put a stop to the whole plan. With a cast of ragtag lemmings at his side, Norm takes on the big apple, big business and a big identity crisis to save the day. Does he succeed? you will need to watch the film that is in cinemas from 18th March 2016.

The animated film has an all star cast with James Corden as Laurence, the bear impersonated who unwittingly gets caught up in Norms plan to save the Arctic. To be honest I didn't recognise it as James Corden, which is a compliment to his acting. Norm is voiced by Rob Schneider and Heather Graham as Vera the high-flying marketing exec with a conscience. The wise bird, Socrates is unmistakably voiced by Bill Nighy and Colm Meaney is ‘King of the Arctic’, Grandfather.

The film offers us a lesson in life about how humans change the world with their building and take away natural land from animals that need that space to live. It shows us the importance of saving places like the Arctic and puts over an important message whilst also being a fun cartoon. There were loads of giggles from Little Miss and she thoroughly enjoyed it. We would go and see this film again and Tilly is letting all her friends know how good it is. 

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