Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Please Donate To A Good Cause - Paul Is Running The London Marathon

A friend of mine is running the London marathon in April for two charities close to his heart, He has been training hard since he got his acceptence letter in October. He has recently been interviewed for the local newspaper, but I thought I would ask questions that people really want to know the answers for. And the fact that I never take life seriously!

Here is Paul, Please take time to donate to his Virgin Money page, even if it shuts him up about it for 5 minutes; hahaha

Hi Paul, thanks for taking time out to let me be nosy! so here we go, 
Do you think you will chicken out?

No, I'm too stupid to know when to give up. As long as I'm not too drastically injured. I'll drag myself over the line. Unless I notice an open Wetherspoons near the course...

What charities are you running for ? 

I'm running for The Stroke Association, and April Lodge Guinea Pig rescue centre, a local animal charity that my wife volunteers at. My donations page is

How long do you think it will take you to run? 

If I could break two hours that would be amazing, if not then 5 hours would make me happy

Are you allowed to take an iPod and listen to music as you run? 

Probably? I won't be though, the plan is to travel light, and revel in the roars of the crowd

How has the training been going? Are you following a programme? 

My training is split into two main parts - (1) running, running and more running, and (2) avoiding beer

Are you dressing up or doing anything special? 

I'm having my hair permed a few days before the big day, and if anyone wants to match the donation I'm getting to do that (£300), I will even dye it pink

What would you do if you fell over in front of millions of people?  

Giggle, swear, giggle some more then hobble on

Have you got any friends running with you or are you doing it alone.

I'm running it alone with a few thousand other people, but my family and a couple of close friends are coming to support me, and carry me back to the hotel afterwards!

Are you crapping yourself as the date gets closer?

Nope, looking forward to getting it over so I can stop training as hard.

what will happen if you get stuck between slow walking people?

Look behind me, indicate, pull out and overtake.

Will you get embarrased with all the people staring at you? will you be wondering if you have spinach stuck in your teeth?

No, cos I don't eat spinach, it's the food of the devil

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