Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Science Week With Project MC2 Dolls And Experiment Kits

As its science week and it has been Tillys birthday, it seemed fitting to give her a couple of Project Mc2 dolls, as she is a big fan of the programme on Nexflix and she always likes doing 'experiments', but her experiments are not my kind of experiments! pouring shampoo in to the bathroom sink and mixing it with toothpaste and a touch of hand soap, before mixing it with a hairbrush is not my idea of an experiment - its my idea of a mess that mummy has to clear up.
That's why I encourage her to use the Project MC2 dolls with experiment kits, she can then do a grown up experiment and it is perfectly safe for her to do so. The Project MC2 girls make science look cool and I think that is one of the major attractions of the dolls for young girls. The girls are sassy, clever and geek chic, a great and fun role model for the little ones, also it gives them something to aspire too. It is an all too common knowledge that there are many less girls in science careers than there are men, so having roles models like these will encourage more girls in the science industry.

So who are the Projects MC2 girls?

We Have McKeyla McAlister (Mc2) She is a writer, hipster and undercover spy! When McKeyla isn’t writing in her journal, you’ll find her reading a Sir Arthur Conan Doyle novel, upcycling or saving the world! Her catch phrase is “I’m smart. Get over it!”

Adrienne Attoms (A2) is made of a more complex recipe than sugar and spice. Adrienne is a culinary chemist! Originally from Spain (her father is a diplomat), she just loves to host dinner parties. Her catch phrase is “Pretty Brilliant”

Bryden Bandweth (B2) loves to be tweeting, digital photography, streaming music and anything tech! Just don’t ask her to go camping in the wilderness or anywhere without a hotspot! She’s a 24/7 #digitaldarling. Her catch phrase? “Stand Back, I’m Trending”

Camryn Coyle (C2) is known for her high IQ, Camryn’s real genius comes out in the garage – especially when it comes to her souped up skateboard! Her catch phrase is “Nailed It” Camryn is Tillys favourite.

Some of the Project MC2 sets come with experiments, and these can be found in toys stores and Amazon for RRP £24.99. Tilly received McKeylas LAva light for her birthday, within this set you can make a lava lamp using household materials and press a little button to see the light in action. Of course parental supervision is needed at all times because they will be using alka seltzer tablets.

Here is the how to .......

Take the Experiment set and get all your bits ready

Add coloured water to the lava lamp, this is simply food colouring and water

Then add the cooking oil to the lava lamp

Tilly then added a fizzy paracetamol tablet to the mixture and watched it fizz up and create moving bubbles in the lamp

We have a video made by Miss Tilly herself, please watch it and give her a bit of feedback.

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We were sent this Experiment set for the purpose of review

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