Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Tilly Goes To Hoist The Main Sails At Dreamland, Margate.

Tilly has been nagging for since Christmas to go back to Dreamland, she loves the slide and could spend all day going down it, if I let her. So on Saturday we popped there for an afternoon of fun with the pirates and mermaids as a special guest. The 'Hoist The Main Sails' event is on for the Easter holidays(until 10th April)  and it really does give the kids so much entertainment throughout the day. She put on her mermaid dress and away we went.

We started at the tent that held the treasure maps and a pirate explaining how to follow the map, and the map certainly did take us all over the park! We had to chase Tilly and try to keep up with her and although she is only 6, she understood the map as it was full of images.

The costumes and the staff all looked the part, but then I find they always do at Dreamland. So much passion goes into the park and it makes it a full on fantastic day for the children (and big kids amongst us). Tilly was really put to work by working out the clues herself, whether it was fishing for metal objects with clues written on them or trying to work out written clues along the way.

After following the clues, we ended up at the mermaid school where the children got involved in some mermaid lessons, mer-languages and mer-olympics. Then when they were suitably hyped up, they were shown the way to the mermaid, who read everyone a story and told the children the last clue and finally where to find the treasure. I am not going to spoil it for everyone and say where it is, because then it spoils the fun of the treasure hunt.

As part of the Hoist The Main Salis, there is also a fancy dress competition and a petting zoo. This is where your child gets to hold baby animals and watch them be fed.

Of course as well as the treasure hunt, there was plenty of time to go on the rides and we took afternoon tea, which is something we highly recommend if it comes around again. The events that Dreamland put on are free to do once you have bought your daily ticket or on top of your yearly membership (which is a bargain starting from £39.99). Please go and visit the Hoist The Main Sails this Easter break, creating memories for your kids for years to come. Tickets are available here.

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  1. What a fab place to visit...It sounds like there was so much to do and see.
    I love Tilly's dress x


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