Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Tilly Goes To Walmer Castle And Gardens

I always think that we never take notice of the beautiful things where we live and we always want to go further afield to have some fun, forgetting what is closer to home. Last month I joined English Heritage, I hadn't been a member for about 10 years when the older kids were little. But there was an online offer to save 25% and with there being so many historical places in Kent and Sussex, I thought I would get a pass again and make the most of it. Its a bonus that Tilly will learn so much and it will get her outside too. 

Today we took a bus ride to Walmer Castle and Gardens, in Walmer. The old Tudor castle is hidden away behind tree's and up an old gravel driveway, but so much fun awaits the people that enter ......

Tilly wasnt bothered for the interior, maybe because it was things she hadn't learn't at school yet and she rushed me around there - despite me trying to catch her imagination. I wasn't to worried though because I knew it was the gardens that would thrill her!

And to finish the afternoon off, we even had a session being spies in the old moat

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