Monday, 7 March 2016

Toploader Play At The Hole In The Roof, Deal

To many it was Mothers Day yesterday, to me it was an excuse to get out for the evening and go to my local pub called The Hole In The Roof. The reason I was going out on a Sunday night? Toploader were coming to town. The Hole has had some great bands there recently and The Hoosiers have played twice in the last few months.

We got to the pub, the drinks were flowing, the atmosphere was great and it was fantastic to see some people that I hadn't seen for a little while. I don't know how we do it, but my friend and myself always end up at the front of the crowds with just the barrier between me and the band. This means we are in a great position for taking pictures and videos. You could pay £40 and go and see a band like this at Wembley or O2, and sit miles away from the stage, or you could pay £7.50 like I did and get an amazing view like we had as well as supporting local businesses. All the staff at the pub are amazing and made everyone feel welcome.

I do live in quite a quiet little town and for bands like Toploader and The Hoosiers to want to play at a pub like The Hole In The Roof shows that the owners of the pub run a popular pub that is actually cool to be seen in. It brings excitement to the town and offers something different, After they played, some of the Toploader band members even took time for photo's with fans. Another thing that you would never get if you went to Wembley to play.


So how were the band? We loved them! Here are a few pictures of the night. As I was drinking vodka, I think my pictures actually look alright!

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