Wednesday, 20 April 2016

5 Fab Ideas For Charity Nights Out

Fun nights are a great idea for raising funds for your cause.  A lot of fun can be had and with my experience of being a fun mum, I thought I would share some fun nights out with you so can look at how easy it is to make some money and have a fab time.

When the kids were little we always used to go to the school quiz, we would either pay per person or we would pay per table. Take some nibbles and a bottle of wine and you have a fab evening set out. It doesn't matter if you are rubbish at quizzes because there is always the wooden spoon prize for the losers. Kids can get involved in this and they think it is so cool when they get a question right. This can be a real family affair.

One of my favourite nights out is a Casino night,this is strictly for parents only! It gives you a chance to get your glad rags on and let your hair down. We went to one a few years ago, It cost us about £5 to get in to the charity event and we were given play money to play with.  If we gambled it away, we could buy more. We spent the evening playing roulette and '21' winning and losing! Then at the end of the night we had an auction where we could use our winning play money to buy things on the Auction. This was such a good event to raise money for the school and we all had a fab time. I Would recommend this as a fundraising event. Here is a link explaining how to have your own Casino night.

Bingo, This is always a great night out and people only have to put money is when they want to. Get people to donate prizes and sell bingo tickets or cards on the night. Then if they win, they get to choose a prize that has been donated. There is no outlay for this apart from a book of bingo tickets. Kids get involved by playing 'sit down bingo' where they buy a number for 50p and as the numbers are called out, if it is yours then you sit down. The last person to sit down is the winner. Its easy and kids of all ages can be involved in the game. This was always a good night out when the kids were little and it was quite a little money raiser. You can also have a raffle in the interval to raise a bit more money.

For a chilled evening, you can have a cinema evening. This is so simple to do if you have an available hall (like a school hall). Get your cinema goers to bring blankets, dress in their pyjamas and eat popcorn whilst watching a movie on a big screen. You can have someone walking round selling choc ices (buy them in boxes of 10 from the supermarket), and cones of popcorn. Charge only a couple of pounds for the cinema ticket and it gives an opportunity for families that can't afford the cinema to be able to go. You don't have to show the latest movies either, sometimes the oldies are the best.

Have a pamper evening. This isn't just one for the ladies anymore! more and more men are taking care in their appearance and it shoes in the increase of male grooming products being sold in the shops. You can ask trainees from the local college as I am sure they will be grateful for the experience. Also we all know someone that is good with hair and beauty. You could get a local company involved as it is a lot of free advertisement for them. Charge either for tickets on the door or people can pay for individual treatments. You can get Avon Reps in as well as Younique and Body shop. This also helps them with sales and you usually get a small percentage of what they make.

Hopefully there are some good ideas here to help your charity night go with a bang, The more unique your charity night is, then the more likely it is that people will want to pop along for a bit of fun. These charity nights can be big money raisers for your school or charity, and it makes such a difference to just having a fete or an open day.

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