Friday, 29 April 2016

A Week In The Life Of Tilly!

Everyone that reads my blog on a regular basis will know that I write every day, but I haven't posted for almost a week. Nothing is wrong - but we have just had an extremely busy week in the life of Tilly. Firstly we got given three days notice for my son to start his new job as a green keeper for a golf course .... hmmm nothing odd about that I hear you say, but the golf course is in Rotterdam. Luckily he had a passport already and he just had to pack up his stuff. That is where the weekend suddenly got a lot harder. My son moved back home last November after everything that had happened with my other daughter and it was nice to have him close to us again. So I moved Tilly out of her room and into mine! There really is no fun in sharing with a six year old, but it was worth it to have him home for a while. He told me it would only be until March, but March came and went, so did April. By then it was getting extremely difficult and strained because I was sleeping on a mattress on my bedroom floor so that Tilly could have my bed. I was feeling very suffocated and so was Tilly. So last Friday my son was told he had to fly out to Holland on Monday and it actually started the most stressful weekend ever! His room was in such a mess and he spent most of the weekend out with friends or in town finishing things up. So his room never got done properly and it was left empty but in need of a real deep clean. Thankfully only a week beforehand Bissell had sent us a Pro Revolution Cleaner to try out. So On Monday night after three hoovers in his room, I tackled the carpets. Luckily it was a dark carpet but there was so much dirt in there, that it took 4 full carpet cleans before I was happy with the result. There will be more of a review in a few days, When I get time to breathe.

I have made the decision to put Tilly in the large bedroom as she needs the space more than I do, so I am in the middle of painting that room for her. She needs her space and she needs to be able to go somewhere that is adult free! She has an amazing new toy box that the guys from Hampshire Furniture have sent her and I have made it up and it is waiting to go into her room. She loves it and it is such a girlie piece for her. She has chosen a red paint for her room, so I told her - one wall only! Hopefully these bedrooms will be sorted out soon.

Then we took some time out on Tuesday to attend a very important launch of a new brand of toilet roll called Cheeky Panda. We were there with the guys from It is actually made from bamboo and it so sort. It is eco friendly because bamboo grows back so much faster than tree's do, so they can cut the bamboo and know that they are not causing any damage to the environment like we do if we cut down tree's. The toilet roll is available soon in most health food stores and online, but a more in depth post to come in the next few days. In the meantime they would be very grateful if you could please vote for them in the #voom awards to enable them to get a grant to help get Cheeky Panda out on the shelves of the shops. please click the link to vote

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