Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Bratz Headphones Review By Tilly, What Is Your #TweetABeat?

Little girls never seem to stay little girls anymore, So here we are with a six year old who thinks she is the next Katy Perry. She is totally tone deaf and can't dance for toffee but you know what? I love her confidence, when she is singing along.

Sometimes though I really don't want to have to listen to her choice of music, hearing Katy Perry's Roar for the 20th time in a day gets a bit much. I was sent so Bratz Headphones for her to review, so I don't have to listen to the song anymore, I only have to listen to my out of tune daughter 20 times a day!

The headphones fit her Kindle as well as her brothers tablet and a variety of phones, so she can watch her films quietly instead of having them loud for us all to listen to. I have tried getting her to use earphones before, but they all seem to be the ones that pop into your ears and they just fall out again. These headphones fit Snugly over her ears and she can easily walk around knowing they wont fall of her head.

They have a Bratz print on the side, so she is officially a cool kid for having Bratz Headphones and the best thing for mums is that they automatically limit the volume in the headphones, so you don't have to worry about music damaging your child's ears. So anyway, this is what Miss Tilly has to say about her Bratz headphones.

What is your little girls favourite music? music is a sign of a happy person and I am a believer that a singing child is a happy child.

Why not encourage your child with music?

There are also a selection of Bratz Remix dolls who just love to listen to their music. Tilly was sent Yasmin Remix Doll to play with along side her headphones and I guess now has a buddy to to dance with, because the doll comes with her own headphones and smart phone. Yasmin is ready to party with her cool outfit and as usual the Bratz dolls come with clothes and shoes that you can remove and buy extras separately.

Bratz Remix dolls come in the whole range of the Bratz and you can collect them all to complete the set, then you have a disco going on right in your own home.

Bratz Remix dolls are available from all toy shops, Argos and Amazon and the RRP is £12.99. The headphones will be available soon in UK stores.

What is you #TweetABeat? send it to @bratz on twitter and use the hashtag.

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