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How To Have The Perfect Frozen Party

Recently we had a birthday party for little Miss Tilly, I wasn't keen on the idea of a party but It was what she wanted and apparently when you turn 6, you must have a party. She is a typical little girl and of course she loves Frozen, so this was to be the theme for her party. I tried looking at Amazon and Ebay for party goodies, but in all honesty by the time you have searched for all the individual party bits and bought it all separately, it takes such a long time and as a working mum, time isn't on my side.

I came across a website called that sells everything to hold a perfect Frozen party for my little girl. When the parcel arrived it was packaged really well and protected with bubble wrap to avoid any damage in the post. There was no space wasted or over packaging that often happens when you order online.

Firstly we wanted something for the party people to remember the day with and as having photo booths and photo props are very fashionable at the moment we decided a photo stand in was a must have prop for the day. This comes in two sizes, one for children and one for adults. We chose the child size one but the child inside me really wanted the adult size. We placed it in a corner of the hall and let the children play as they wanted, and someone was usually there to take pictures. This really takes me back to when I was a child and we used to go to the seaside and use the photo stand ins to create memories. Tilly and her friends were aged from 5 upwards and some struggled to prop their face into the holes, but this can be easily solved if you have a little step behind the stand. The stand arrives in a huge plat parcel and the stand is folded in half, but you don't notice the crease when you are using it and it literally took a few seconds to put together. As you can see it was a party winner with kids as well as grown ups, this is £14.82 and is available if you click here. The stand comes complete with Anna and Elsa's faces, so if there is only one person having a picture taken, you can pop a face into the spare hole and it looks like they are having a picture with the character.

Every good party table setting needs a table cloth to start with the ice skating Elsa and Anna one, you are on to a winner. It measures 1.8m x 1.2m (5' 11" x 3' 11"), so it is large enough for a table seating 8 children, as we had a lot of children attending, we bought 2 of these tables cloths. In the past I have bought budget table cloths from well known pound shops but the quality is so poor and I end up binning them after a party as they have normally ripped and the picture quality on the table cloth is so poor. But with these table cloths, I kept them to re use again at home. The tablecloths are available here for £2.94 Upon the table I wanted it to look magical and so with the Frozen confetti and diamonds it looked like Elsa had been round the table adding some snowflakes. It added a little bit of class to the table setting too, they are £2.94 and a box is enough to dress two party tables. These could also be used for a Christmas/winter wedding.

Of course you need the plates and cups for the party table to be complete and these can also be bought from Party Packs. The plates are a bargain at £1.86 for 8 and they measure 23 cms, so they are a good size for them to fill their plate with party goodies. The ones we opted for were the Ice skating design to match the table cloth and The cups are £2.22 for 8, and they have the glossy Ice skating scene on them, so it matches the rest of the table settings perfectly. The cups are made of good quality and they lasted the whole party and  more often than not, you give a child a plastic cup and they squash it, squeeze it and it breaks in seconds. These cups actually stood the child test and survived.

Party Packs offer a whole range of party goodies in the Frozen range and instead of the Ice skating scene, you can opt for a snowflake Frozen design. You can also buy a huge selection of Frozen party goodies from the website including dressing up outfits, crowns and further photo props. We were absolutely pleased with all of our goodies from

We were sent these products in exchange for an honest review and all opinions are our own and not influenced by anybody else.

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