Monday, 11 April 2016

Kid Friendly Apps With Bic Drawy Book

We live in a world where technology is taking over all the time and our kids are growing up with smart phones and tablets. We use these to teach our kids with the help of apps available on the devices. You can get an app for almost anything these days but BIC have bought out an app that I actually haven't seen anywhere else. This app from BIC is called Drawy Book and it actually combines the use of technology with your kids imagination and creativity.

Drawy Book is for children between 5-10, although I think slightly younger children could use it with the help of a grown up. It is available on IOS and Google play. It isn't available on Kindle at the moment. It is available now and is available is English, French, Spanish, German and Dutch. The best thing about the app is that it is free to download and use. The only story available at the moment is Marty and The Alien but they are working on a new story too for the app.

The idea of the app is that the kids get to listen to the interactive story of Marty and The Alien and in certain places of the story, they get to draw pictures like aliens, space ships or sweets. These pictures then appear in the story, and the pictures become interactive, so if the kids have drawn a rocket then they will see the rocket fly through space and land on planets. This app brings their pictures to life and adds yet more magic to their lives. The app talks you through it the whole time, so you can't do anything wrong.

 Scan the picture in to the phone and take a photo. Then this is what it looks like incorporated in the story.

BIC also offer a book to work alongside the app that encourages children to colour in and help their stories come to life, this is perfect for the kids that suffer from lack of confidence and don't want to draw their own pictures. Its also perfect for the younger children that want to join in the app but can't quite manage the drawing, so they will just need to colour a ready made picture in. The book is available for £9.99.

Tilly got to try this new app out at a BIC press event recently and although she isn't one for sitting down and drawing, she did get involved with this and loved to see her pictures really come to life in an Ipad.  You get to choose the difficulty level on the story too, so it really does work with your kids abilities and levels. Tilly found it easy to scan her pictures into the story by holding the device over her pictures and simply clicking the photo on the device. It really is that simple. The app also has information about space and the planets, so they get to learn so much from the app and it helps them to realise that there is a whole load of other planets out there. Then there is a quiz about the planets too, so it helps them remember what they have learnt. tilly is in year one, but in year two they start learning about space and this is a great way to start giving her a little sneaky peak at other planets and gives her a bit of an extra start.

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