Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Mini Games From University Games To Keep Kids Occupied

We quite like playing board games with Tilly, mainly because we win all the time hahaha. But also because it gives you quality time as a family and the children have to use their imagination for a while instead of being stuck in front of the TV or with a tablet or smart phone in their hands. Tilly is always on her Kindle and I am trying to get her to spend more time away from technology and in the 'real world' for a while. But I think with the winter months being so long and cold, she has got into a bad habit of relying on her kindle more and more.

So we were sent these mini games from Universal Games for us to use as a family. The idea of playing a board game is to spend a bit of family time together as we all know this time together is very precious and with working parents being busy all the time, family time is few and far between. We were sent 5 Second Rule Mini game and Who What Where Mini Game. Both games are for children 8+ but Tilly managed to join in as long as we chose easy things for her to do.

5 Second Rule Mini Game

This is a twist on the game that we have all played in the car, You have to guess three things from the subject on the card before the 5 seconds is up. This is actually quite harder than you would expect! when you are told to name something in a fast pace game, it completely goes out of your head and makes you look like the 'not so clever' family member but it leaves you in fits of giggles and sometimes the answers that people come out with are totally irrelevant to what they were supposed to be talking about. This is available in a full size version too but the mini size is perfect to keep in the car or put in a child's backpack if they are going on the train for a day out. The game isn't heavy because it is a mini version and in fact when we go backpacking in Europe in the summer, we will be taking a game to play on the long train journeys. This is perfect for 3 -6 players but we have played it with just Tilly and myself as a one on one bit of family bonding. Like I have said she is only 6 so I go through the cards and choose easy subjects for her to do. If you have younger children they can easily enjoy this game too and the answers they have could well be coming out with will be hilarious.

Who What Where Mini Game

Again this is a game for people aged 8+ but Tilly was able to play it as long as I gave her the cards that she was able to read herself. Younger children can play this very easily if they have someone to help them. I think this is better for an older child because it involves them drawing the item that is on their card and sometimes the smaller children might draw something that looks totally different to what is written on the card. But it is again a fun game to play and luckily Tilly was able to draw her pictures quite well. The cards are so easy to read and if they win they get a token to keep and the more tokens you have the more likely you are to be the winner. This comes with an egg timer so you feel the pressure building as the sand starts coming to the end and you find the tension building. The game comes with the paper and pencil as well as the cards you need to play an enjoyable game. Again we will look at taking it when we go abroad in the summer. This is perfect if there are just two of you playing or you can play it with more people. Personally I think this would make a funny adult  game if you have had a few drinks and you try to draw things..... So I may well take it to Turkey when I go on my adults holiday. this game is RRP £7.99 and is such a good price for a boredom buster

Both of these games are great for kids because it actually encourages reading as well as art so I would be so pleased to recommend these to parents and grandparents for their own children, They really are games that you can get involved with your children. It promotes family time and that is important these days.

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