Thursday, 7 April 2016

Our First Time Buyer Experience From The House That Never Rests

Today we are lucky to host a guest post from the guys at, they are in the process of buying their own home and you can follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

''We are new to the whole process of buying a new house, I think the term used is 'first time buyers'. One thing we have learnt already is that it is a lengthy process, a nail-biting one at that. We have lived in our house for 13 years now, it is a housing association property that we have been renting, it is a house that has seen our children grow into the handsome teens they are today, it has seen us celebrate happy occasions, seen us laugh and even cry. It is not a home that most would class a dream home but it is our house that we have been very happy in, it is where we call home, it is where our heart is.It was recently agreed that housing association tenants can have 'the right to buy' just like some council tenants do, we was overjoyed when this was agreed as it meant that we could possibly buy our home and become first time buyers, something we have wanted to do for years. We got straight on the phone to our housing association and asked if this meant us? They said yes so we excitedly registered our interest and sat in hope that our house was one able to be sold under the 'right-to-buy scheme'.

Hope then started to become more reality and we then received the long-awaited email - the application forms....Yikes, we are soon to become 'first time buyers'......Hopefully.

We had our application forms and quickly got them filled out, an appointment was then offered to us to go and hand them in along with the admin charge of £250, and this is refundable if they can no longer accept our application but is deducted off the purchase price of our house. Our application was then processed and we recently received a very exciting email - we have now been accepted to the next stage of the scheme and someone will be in touch soon to come and value our house......yikes (doing a happy dance).

We are currently sat at this stage of the process, we have been to the bank and spoke with a mortgage advisor, they have given us advice and have told us to go back once we have a purchase price and they would happily accept us for a mortgage so finances are in place ready. We have a solicitor in place for the legal side of it all, it is all becoming so real, my poor nails are taking a right biting at the moment.

With our teens being old enough to understand what we are talking about questions are being asked about credit checks, savings, etc. We have been talking to them along our journey so far, we have been talking to them about the importance of keeping on top of all bills they will get once they are old enough, we have spoken with them about what a credit check is, saving for things rather than getting in debt, credit cards and the best ways to keep a good credit score. By doing this it has made them feel part of the exciting journey we are all on at the moment and will hopefully help them once adults. With the way property prices are at the moment I just hope that one day our boys are able to take a first time buyer’s journey of their own.

Fingers crossed we have some exciting news very soon and my nails survive the rests of the journey.''

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