Monday, 4 April 2016

Tilly Plays Where's Wenda

When Tilly is back to school after Easter, the whole school is having a dress up day for Wheres Wally. I have done Wheres Wally on nights out and it is always a talking point. So I ordered Tilly an outfit from Amazon, She quite plainly refused to be Wally but she was happy to be Wenda. I ordered her outfit and I was so excited when it arrived, but at the same time so disappointed as it was rubbish quality, I mean I paid £15.99 and it looks like it would last a few wears. Ah Man! I just turned my fun post into a review! A draw back of being a blogger, everything seems to get reviewed. But as you can see Tilly had a great time playing as Wally - She is so my child!

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