Friday, 15 April 2016

To The Man On The Train

To The Man On The Train

When I had been to London for a day with my 6 year old, you chose to sit at a table with us. You asked if the seat was free and I smiled and said yes, but I was travelling with a child. I know it isn't everyone's ideal train journey and I must admit travelling with a child can be like Hell on Earth! But I wanted to just make you aware there was a child sitting here.

As we traveled my daughter asked to listen to music, I said yes and passed her my Ipod and some earphones so she could listen without having the music playing loudly. How was I to know that her favourite song was going to come on and she would start singing along to it. It didn't bother me because many years ago when my older kids were little, an old lady said to me that when a child sings it is the sign that they are happy. I always smile when I think of her saying this to me. Only apparently you didn't like it, you slammed your paper down on the table and you huffed and puffed as you gathered your belongings and moved to another carriage. In that quick moment I felt humiliated! It would have taken a few words for you to have asked me to ask Tilly to stop singing, but instead you did this. But that was your choice and to be honest it meant we had the table for ourselves again.

But do you know what? My daughter is six years old and she has a voice, I encourage her to use her voice. Whether she is talking endlessly or singing out loud, I really don't care. You see my daughter has had so much sadness in her life recently and to have her starting to be happy and so care free again is a step in the right direction. We do not live in the Victorian times anymore, you know where children were seen but not heard? We live in 2016 and children are precious, so to silence them all the time is WRONG!

I will carry on letting my daughter sing and and talk because she has the freedom of speech and maybe the next time you sit opposite a child, you should think about tutting and moving away because these children are our future and the experiences they have as they are growing up help to forge their future.

My child will carry on singing and dancing because that it who she is and she is perfect to me!

From a Pissed Off Mummy


  1. What an idiot that man was....
    Good for you! I agree! A singing child is a happy child! x

    1. He knew there was a child there when he sat down. I did ask her to keep it down a couple of times but it's cruel to keep telling a child to be quiet. Kids should be heard xx

  2. That she was content enough to sing, is a great thing. His loss that he couldn't enjoy that simple pleasure!


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