Thursday, 21 April 2016

Why Not Give Blogging a Go?

As a single parent to 4 children and with 3 of them all grown-up now, it is always nice to make some extra money for holidays and extras around the house. While I spend most of my time between the blogs (I recently started a second blog about Tilly and my travels) and my beauty studies, I thought it might be nice to encourage some more of my readers to have a go at blogging themselves.
So there are a few type of blogs to think about and here are just a couple to consider:

  • Parents or Mummy Blog: While there are certainly lots of these around, they are a great way to build up a lovely community of like-minded people and often lead to a wonderful selection of free goodies for the kids. You can build some great friendships online.
  • Finance Blog: While this is a bit of a niche angle, if you know something about bank accounts, investment plans, want to run a review site for spread betting platforms (e.g. see or just have something to share, this is a very profitable vertical to get into.
  • Travel Blog: Again these are heavily-replicated but having just started my own one, I can definitely say they are worthwhile. Even if you just travel locally and want to let people know about what’s going on, or if you are a seasoned overseas flyer who knows all the best kids holiday destinations this could be something for you.
  • Book Blog: Perhaps more of a community forum than a blog – people are always interested in what books to read next. I still remember sharing my take on Michael Nicholas from ‘Death Never Sleeps’ and the lovely feedback I got, so I can see the appeal here.
  • Toys and Games Blog: While a lot of the kids’ stuff can fall under a parent blog like this one, gadgets and gizmos for older children or even adults are a great way to get involved with affiliate links. There are always people that want toys and because they order online, they can click your affiliate link and you earn money. 
Of course there are lots more that you can choose from but remember that while a lot of people think Blogging is easy, growing a great following like you isn’t. It takes dedication to the social networks and a lot of honesty so be prepared to put your heart into it. You never know, it may end up generating enough for you to consider it as a full-time business opportunity – just check out this article from The Guardian.

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