Monday, 2 May 2016

Beets Blu Key Finder And Heart Rate Monitor Review.

We were sent a couple of Beets Blu products to try out and here is our honest review to help you decide whether you would like to buy the products yourselves. The products are both available from Amazon to buy. The first product that I was sent was the Beets Blu Key finder, and this is what we had to say about it

So I am The lady who loses everything! the keys, the work bag, my phone, my child and often my mind, So obviously this makes me the perfect person to review something that will help me find things (I fear it wont work on my mind), We found it easy to link to the phone, I have an Iphone 4S but it is compatible with a huge list of phones that is available on the website and that is where you will find the link to download the app for your phone too. As you can see, the App is easy to use.


The key finder paired with my phone really fast and I was impressed with that as I am a bit of a techno phobe (quite how I manage to blog, I don't know!) and we did have some fun placing the key finder in different places and trying to find it.

I am actually going to use this on my child when I go back packing in Europe in the summer, I will attach it to her bag or coat and know that she is still around me. so it really is a gift of piece of mind too. You could add it to your dogs collar, as long as the dog doesn't go out of the range. The app is easy to understand and the key finder comes with instructions so you can set it up really easy - yes even for a techno - phobe!

The Beets Blu Key Finder will cost you £20 from Amazon

The second product was a Beets BLU Heart Rate Monitor.

All the time we worry about our health and whether we are well or not, The worst thing we can do is to google our symptoms. So that it what makes this Beets BLU Heart Rate Monitor Bluetooth chest strap valuable for someone who wants to keep an eye on their heart rate whilst they are exercising or just generally going about their day to day business.

It is very easy to apply, you simply pop it around your chest and you simply download the app on your smart phone and it works alongside the Beets BLU Heart Rate Monitor, so the results show on your phone. This is so easy to use as you do a workout at the gym because it slips under your t-shirt and it does actually stay in place. When we used it, we thought it was very comfortable to wear and we never got sweaty where the strap was, so it never slipped out of place.

The App is easy to down load on to your smart phone, the apps are easy to find and the instructions that come with the Monitor help you to download the app. We did have problems downloading it on to my Iphone 4S, but it downloaded without a problem on to my daughters Iphone 6. The app is easy to follow and it is clear to see at a glance. The readings do actually appear on the app within seconds of you putting the monitor on your chest, because there is nothing worse than having to wait for your reading to settle down and register on an app.

This also works alongside other fitness apps, so it really is good value for money. This also fits people of different sizes too because we tried it on my younger daughter for sizing and then my older daughter and myself and we are both larger ladies and It fitted comfortably. The Beets BLU Heart Rate Monitor is available from Amazon for £25.95.

Both products are very good value and we do recommend them.

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