Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Epic Fails As A Parent!

The other day I fell asleep in the afternoon, I didn't mean to but I did and then I woke up at 3pm! boy did I panic, not only was I picking my own child up from primary school but also two other friends who were joining us for a small tea party and play date. I actually arrived at the school with ruffled hair, all puffed out and red. I explained to the teacher that I had fallen asleep. It was such an epic parent fail, but it isn't the first and it wont be my last! I even left a child on a train once, but that was 18 years ago and the child did eventually forgive me, even though it took a few days weeks! I have left Tilly in a shop before, not long after she was born. The aisles were so small and I couldn't get the pram down there so I left her at the end of the aisle. Now I have such poor memory and I paid for my shopping and left the shop, when I got outside I knew I was missing something. On realisation of what it was, I went back in the shop and hoped nobody had noticed. Sometimes our epic fails as a parent is funny and I asked a few other bloggers what their epic fails were, its a great way to introduce you to their fab blogs too, so please pop over and take a look.

Lisa  from says ''Mine was many moons ago (my daughters are now 12 & 15 years old) when my youngest first started primary school. I got called in on Day 3 for a meeting and told to be more vigilant as Lucie was doing cartwheels in the playground and had apparently forgotten to wear underwear that day. I was mortified ha!''

Natalie from says ''My husband wrapped my little girl up in a towel and popped her onto her toy box when she got out of the bath while he grabbed her changing mat. Then we both watched her topple off sideways, it was like it was in slow motion but we were both too shocked to do anything about it and she couldn't put her arms out to stop herself because she was wrapped in the towel.''

Louise from tells us ''I turned up with my toddler an hour late for a christmas party I had booked for her because I got the time wrong. There was only half an hour left of the party. I was pregnant, a few days off my due date and when she told me we were late I just burst into tears in the middle of a room full of mums and kids, I think she felt sorry for me because she hurriedly gave me my money back and luckily we hadn't missed Father Christmas and as far as my daughter was concerned she had been to a Christmas party so she was happy, but me and my hormones were devastated!.''

Jessica from says ''Putting so much shopping on the pram handles it tipped up when I let go - in the middle of town! Not my greatest parenting moment... At least she was strapped in!''

We all have parenting fails - so What are yours?

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