Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Getting A Bottle Of Fragrance That Smells Like Daisy And Its Only £3

I am sure you all know that I work as well as write a blog, Well if you don't I work on a fragrance counter for Superdrug. We sell all ranges of fragrance from something that you could get for £10 to something more along the range of Marc Jacobs, D+G and Gucci.

I have so much fragrance at home, that I could open my own fragrance shop! One of my favourites at the moment is Daisy by Marc Jacobs, I have a bottle at home and it is a premium fragrance but it lasts all day and you only need a little bit. It has a floral smell and is great for the summer. I hid my bottle from Tilly because she has been known to use a whole bottle of fragrance in a day before, but the other day she actually found my hidden bottle and has taken a liking to it ...... she is 6 years old!

I went shopping today and in The Factory Shop I saw a bottle of perfume, it was called Miss Daisy and it is actually a very good imitation of my Daisy. It is an EDT instead of Daisy being an EDP, so it wont last all day and you will have to keep re applying but if you weigh up the difference in both fragrances, Daisy by Marc Jacobs is £70 for 100 mls, where as Miss Daisy is £3 for 100 mls. The bottle isn't as pretty, but I bought this for my daughter and she thought it was pretty enough. I never buy cheap perfume like this, I do like my branded fragrances, but today I found myself buying a really really cheap one.

So guys, get down to The Factory Shop and buy your bottle now!

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