Friday, 6 May 2016

Join The Revolution With Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution

When Bissell offered to send me their ProHeat 2x Revolution to try out at home, it really couldn't have come at a better time, Last year my son moved back home for ''6 months'', He finally moved out last week and as son's are, he left his bedroom in a real mess! Like all mum's I was left to decontaminate it, before anyone else could use it. Now with this post you will get an honest review from a real living family, there are no placing of fresh stains on the carpet because this post has good old ground in stains!

So my son moved out and it gave us an opportunity to really put the ProHeat Revolution to work. The ProHeat Revolution is the size of your standard vacuum cleaner and it is no heavier than the vacuum cleaner that we have, so it is easier to move around the house with you and it is not too heavy to use. It comes with two carpet cleaning options, there is a light clean that will clean your carpets and they can be dry within an hour, perfect if you have guests coming for an evening or through the day. Then there is the deep clean, obviously, this is the option that I chose when cleaning my son's room. This takes a fair bit longer to dry but it gets right into the bottom of the carpet and gives it a deep clean.

One sons bedroom carpet before!
The ProHeat Revolution is so easy to use, you put some hot water into the top tank to the fill level, these are different for a light and heavy wash, then you add your carpet cleaner detergent. You switch it on and you are ready to go, it works the same way as a vacuum cleaner with the backwards and forwards motion. I have used carpet cleaners before that you dispense the cleaner by moving forward and you pick up the dirty cleaner by walking backwards slowly. Although that works well for these machine, It is very time consuming! So with the ProHeat Revolution is is so much faster.


The hot water is kept hot in the tank by using a HeatWave Technology too, which redirects heat generated by the motor. This is an extra bonus because you don't want to be cleaning carpets with cold water as that offers no benefit to the cleaning process at all.

The bedroom carpet after being cleaned
Sometimes, your carpets are actually dirtier than you think, We always have dark carpets at home because I was always told, if you have kids, then get dark carpets. This is fine for hiding the dirt, but that dirt could be causing health problems. Tilly is six years old and she has asthma, and although we hoover with a good quality Vacuum cleaner, I never really realised how much is left in the carpet to irritate Tillys chest. My carpet in the lounge is a brown colour and I didn't think it was too bad, until I cleaned the carpet with the ProHeat revolution.

As you can see from the pictures below, there might not look too much of a difference in the before and after pictures but you can see the difference in the cleaner! That was deep inside my carpet, proving that just because you can't see something - doesn't mean it isn't there.


And what was in the carpet!
The ProHeat 2X Revolution from Bissell is available from for a special offer price of £249.99, That is a huge saving of £50. If you think about how much it would cost to get somebody in to clean the carpets in your home once a year for the next few years, then it would be so much cheaper to have a ProHeat 2X Revolution! And you have the convenience of it being in your home, ready for any spills you need to clean up.

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