Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Kimmy's Birthday Weekend

So it was Kims birthday at the weekend and we decided to book into a Travelodge in Feltham and stay in the London area for the weekend. Tilly had been ill with a virus and she still wasn't 100% but I had booked a Travelodge room that you cannot cancel otherwise you lose all of your money. I kind of thought that she could sleep on the train trip down there and then have a good night sleep in the hotel before our Legoland adventure on the Saturday.

We arrived in Feltham and our hotel was easyish to find, okay we had to ask for directions but we soon found it and it was in a little shopping centre with coffee shops, a medical centre and a 24 hour Asda, all you could ever need for a night away. We checked in and our room was lovely, I know that Travelodge get a bad press but we have only ever had two bad experiences and we stay in them all the time. The room had a double bed and then two singles pushed together so there was room to play musical beds in the night as often happens with Tilly in the hotels. We needed some forks to eat some dinner in our room, and the staff were so helpful by lending us some. Nothing seemed too much trouble for them.

Bed Hogger!

Sadly Kim had got some chewing gum in her hair from one of the trains, and I had to cut a lot of her hair off. We cleaned up as best as we could but we told the staff at reception the next morning and he told us he would have our room cleaned for us. Although we had said we were happy to clean it, he insisted and when we returned after Legoland, our beds were made and the room was hoovered.

Going to the train station to go to Legoland we discovered a short cut through a multi story car park. The train station was clearly signposted and it was so much quicker than the way that we had walked. We bought tickets to Legoland and it cost us just over £4 each and within 20 minutes we were in Windsor. It was so easy, and I love it when a plan comes together so easily.

We did of course choose to go to Windsor on one of the busiest weekends of the year, there was some kind of Royal Horse Show going on, but we managed to bypass all that business and get a bus directly to Legoland. I have written a post about our visit to Legoland and it is HERE. We had a lovely day and the sun seemed to shine down on us, it was even warm enough for Tilly to keep getting wet, being a mum I  was worried about her being to ill and then wanting to get wet all the time again. As soon as she was wet, the good old sun came out and dried her out - talk about over anxious mummy!

On the Sunday we woke up and went for breakfast in the hotel, It is £7.95 and kids eat free. I am glad about the kids eating free because Tilly has a real problem eating breakfast, she will eat about two grapes or half a slice of toast. We took the trains up to Enfield and spent a few hours with the guys from TheHouseThatNeverRests.com, A few glasses of wine were enjoyed and there was fun in the garden, who says adults are too old to play with toys. We sang happy birthday to Kim and true to Vicky style, we didn't have cake candles so we used a tealight instead ..... it is the thought that counts!

Sadly we had to leave to go on our ultimate weekend experience we were going to go speed boating down the River Thames with London Rockets (formally London Rib) We have worked with them before on the blog but this trip was all the way down to the Thames Barrier, so more speed and excitement. Sadly it was a bit much for Tilly and I think that the weekend had just worn her out after being ill. There will be a blog post coming soon about this.

We stayed in an amazing hotel, we had a lovely day in Legoland and an exhilarating ride down the Thames - this all made for the perfect weekend. Kimmy's birthday was a success! Now to start planning for next year .......

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