Thursday, 12 May 2016

L'oreal Extraordinary Oil and Cream

Extraordinary Oil-Cream

This product is inspired by the Asian "massaji Kream" tradition. the moisturiser is infused with lavender and rosemary essential oils, and is suitable for both a daily use, or for an indulgent massage treat. this luxury cream is intensely nourishing and your skin will look brighter, and the signs of fatigue will seem reduced.

How to apply a 60 second facial massage using four steps:-

Step one: You need to apply the cream in small touches all over the face and then start spreading it out with your fingers using light pressure and with rotating movements from the bottom of your face, working upwards.

Step two: place your thumbs next to each ear, and position your fingertips in the centre of your forehead. whilst applying some pressure, move your fingers from the inside, outwards. After this, move your fingertips to your chin and then repeat the process.

Step three: position both hands around the top of your neck and apply gentle pressure with your thumbs and fingertips, you should lower the hands one at a time.

Step four: you should then repeat the circular movements from step one to complete the massage.
For the extended massage, visit WWW.LOREALPARIS.CO.UK

L'oreal's Extraordinary Oil

This product is a non-greasy blend of 8 essential oils, that works by intensely nourishing your skin, giving you an illuminating radiance, and give it a cashmere softness.

There are three different uses for this product, depending what desired effect you wish to achieve.

Option one:
Use three drops in the morning

This will give your skin a radiant looking glow. you will use this type of application on your cheekbones, in order to highlight key areas.

Option two:
Use as a nightly massage

You could use this alone of underneath your night cream, this will make your nightly routine more luxurious. When you wake up, your skin will feel cashmere soft, and you will feel cocooned in comfort.
TIP:-  after using the oil in this way it is recommended that you try Extraordinary Oil-Cream to give yourself a "Massaji Cream" facial massage for a truly amazing experience.

Option three:
Use on any dry areas you may have

This method will leave your skin intensely nourished and moisturised. the barrier function is strengthened to help prevent skin dryness.
TIP:- use this product underneath the Extraordinary Oil-Cream to seal in the moisture and also to help boost your regime's effectiveness.

What do we think?

I swear by this as I suffer from Psoriasis and i am told to put hydroclortisone cream on my face, but it thins the skin, so when I saw this I thought I would give it a go and its amazing, the results were noticeable in a couple of days and with long term use it hydrates My skin and the psoriasis disappears, not fully but it is definitely noticeable that it isnt so dry

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