Friday, 27 May 2016

Learning How To Make The Most Of Cooking With A Microwave

So here we are another week into living alone as just Tilly and Mummy. I have become an expert in batch cooking for the week and to be honest I don't know why I have never done it before! My freezer is full of bolgnaise sauces, chicken casseroles, chicken curry and sausage casseroles. Homemade recipes are so much healthier for you and your family because you actually control the amount of fat and salt in the meal. All I do in the morning is ask Tilly what she would like? 9/10 it is spaghetti bolognaise, so I take the sauce out and cook up some spaghetti. Leaving the sauce to defrost whilst I am at work and then pop the pasta in the fridge until later.

We have a Combi microwave oven, so we don;t just use it for heating food up. We can use it as an oven and cook the food or warm it up so it is crispy too. On the days that I say 'Sod the healthy food' then I can get a pizza and cook it in there too. Even if we are warming our food up, we can pop the combi oven on to grill and make sure our cheese grills on the top.

The Panasonic premium combi comes with options to grill, steam and bake, they not only cook your food in half the time, compared to using my huge oven (there are only two of us so it doesn't really make sense to use a full oven) but preserves its delicious flavour, vitamins and nutrients thanks to a revolutionary steam technology. It is sleek and smart looking and is perfect for someone like me, who is a working mum and just wants to cook quickly when they get home.

You could make your life easier with a Panasonic Microwave and start batch cooking like me, being a mum has become so much easier with being this organised and I have never been this organised in my life!

Do you have any microwave recipes to share? We would love to see them because we need more inspiration!

*This was a collaborative post with Panasonic*

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