Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Please Show Your Support For Cheeky Panda And Vote For Them For #Voom2016

Following on from my blog post yesterday where Julie Chen and Chris Forbes came up with the concept of using bamboo for toilet roll instead of trees, This is so much better for the environment and means that less tree's are being cut down for the use of toilet roll. The business was started from nothing and although they managed to raise some funds with the support of the public, through the Crowdfunder scheme, they are still looking for support to get The Cheeky Panda out into the public.

So with Virgin offering  a chance to pitch to Richard Branson and win a share of £1 million (€1.2 million) in prizes, they decided to enter to give their business a boost. There is also a chance to win a trip to Necker Island and mentoring at 10 Downing Street. This means the difference between a boost for a start up business and a struggle to start up a new business. I have met these guys and I have seen the product for myself and you know what? It works! I was impressed with Cheeky Panda toilet roll and I fully support them for the chance to win a share of the money.
Julie and Chris have big ideas for Cheeky Panda and they want to build a world wide business that is sustainable, healthy and likable. With the help from my readers, we can help to get them there, please click the link and vote. You will need to log in with Facebook or LinkedIn, but it is really simple and takes a few minutes to do. There is also a chance to pledge some money in exchange for a reward, any help will be welcomed so I am asking you to please vote and share.

The Link is and it is a good product, Cheeky Panda is made from bamboo sought from FSC certified bamboo forests so the farmers are looked after very well. If you buy this product you are supporting the bamboo farms and farmers.

Please take a short moment to vote - I have.

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