Monday, 16 May 2016

Thames Barrier Explorers Trip From London Rockets

It was Kimmys birthday last weekend and we decided we wanted to go on one of the speedboats from London Rockets (formally London RIB voyages). We have done this once a year for the past few years, since Tilly was just turned 4 years old. This year we decided that we wanted to do something a little bit different so we booked to go on the Thames Barrier Explorers Trip, it cost slightly more than the normal trip that we do but it was worth every penny!

We were all fitted with life jackets, and the staff always pop the life jackets on the children so you know they are safe - should the worst happen and they end up in the water. The life jackets are self inflated and this itself gives you peace of mind. We took a seat to at the back of the boat, and we were soon on our way. You are given a tour of the landmarks of London before you hit the mark that the river water becomes sea water and there is no speed limit on the river. Before we knew it we were speeding down the Thames towards the O2, when you see London in this way, it makes you ,look at London in a different perspective. We saw the Emirate Airline, knowing once we were up there looking down at the boats below - it was a kind of surreal moment.  As we did speed down the Thames, the boat tipped to one side and then the other. This was a little bit too much for Tilly as she was sitting on the seat closer to the side of the boat, she was worried that she might fall out. Little did she know that I had hold of her so tightly, that my fingers were going white!  And there was no way she was going to fall out anyway. I would probably say that Tilly was too little for this ride and that we would do it again with just adults - because believe me it was such a thrill!

As you speed down the river, you have songs blaring out to really get you in the mood, you have the James Bond theme as well as songs that are London themed.  When you get to Greenwich, Andy our boat tour guide told us about GMT, and explained a few historical things to us. Doing a tour like this you really do get to learn some really interesting facts. After Greenwich, we were soon speeding down to the Thames Barrier. I am 43 years old and I have never been that close to the Thames Barrier. The weather is a lot colder down this part of the river and Tilly really felt the cold, she had a hoodie on but as it had been hot in central London, she didn't have a coat on. BIG MISTAKE! I would really recommend you wear a coat and make sure your children are wearing a coat. The boat goes quite fast too, so you get a lot of wind in your face. We were lucky, the lovely Andy, actually took his coat off and gave it to her to cover up. What a gentleman!

As we made our way back up the Thames, we could enjoy the scenery again and get more pictures. It was almost sad that we knew our ride upon the Thames Rocket was over. We absolutely enjoyed this trip (well myself and Kim did) and it was a perfect birthday gift for her. I would recommend it to everyone because London Rockets are the perfect hosts and they really know how to look after, This is probably why they are the No1 attraction on Tripadvisor. This trip along the Thames will cost you £49.95 and lasts for 80 minutes.
Our next mission is to book the skyline 360 Tour which is a boat ride as well as a helicopter ride, the more thrilling trips we do, the more we want to go more thrilling!

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