Tuesday, 3 May 2016

The Cheeky Panda Toilet Roll That Is Soft On Bums!

Did you know that when a tree is cut down to make things like toilet roll, it takes 30 years or more for another to grow in its place. So every time we cut a tree down for something we all use everyday, we are ruining our environment. 10 million trees a year are cut down for the use of toilet roll, so it is not helping with the deforestation that is taking place. Chris Forbes and Julie Chen came up with the concept of using bamboo for toilet roll because unlike tree's, bamboo grows back in the next year and doesn't affect the environment.

There are many benefits from using bamboo as toilet roll because it has antibacterial properties that means there will be no irritant when you use the toilet roll and it is super absorbent, meaning you will use less of it and will save money over time. It is soft and friendly to your skin as well as hypo allergenic, meaning it is suitable for even the sensitive of skin.

Cheeky Panda was born from a passion for finding an eco- friendly alternative, to what we use everyday. I was given the opportunity to meet the guys from Cheeky Panda to learn more about the brand and meet Julie and Chris, who showed us a comparison of the leading recycled toilet paper and Cheeky Panda. The recycled toilet roll was rougher, less water resistant and full of chemicals where as the Cheeky panda was soft, absorbent and completely chemical free and natural. The bamboo used in the products are sourced from FSC certified bamboo forests and all the workers are looked after by the companies that they work for. This is important to me because we find all the time that workers are often not treated as they should be. The workers are given a decent working wage, they have a home and their children are educated.

Cheeky Panda is available from July 2016 and can be found in a few stores, the full list can be found here . You can also pre order at www.thecheekypanda.co.uk/products.

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