Saturday, 21 May 2016

Thomas & Friends: The Great Race Review

Have you seen the new film to hit the cinema near to you? Thomas & Friends: The Great Race has been shown in a few cinemas this weekend for some special previews and we were invited to go along to The Vue at Westwood Cross to go and see it. We took our seats and the film began .....
The story starts with the news that there is going to be the Great Railway show on the mainland and all the trains on Sodor want to represent the island and go along, thinking they are going to win. Thomas wants to go but all of the big engines just laugh at him and try to prove how much better they are. Some engines even go to great lengths to cheat their place on the team. But the film shows that cheaters never win. 

We are introduced to a host of new engines including Raul of Brazil, Yong Bao of China, Ivan of Russia and the brightly decorated engine from India, Ashima, (voiced by Tina Desai). Thomas and Ashima forge a friendship and when Thomas has an accident,  meaning he can't compete in the Great Railway Show he is sad to be left behind on Sodor. He soon finds himself speeding off to help the other engines when an emergency comes up and he has to go to the Great Railway Show. He soon becomes the hero of the day when he stands up to a bully, who is intimidating another engine and he sacrifices winning a race in order to help another competitor. 

The film kept Tilly's attention for the whole showing, but the film is only a little over an hour long anyway, so it is perfect for the younger viewers. The cinema was filled with little boys younger than Tilly and they all seemed to enjoy it. Thomas The Tank Engine has been about for many years and even my older son (who is now 22) was a big fan when he was a small boy. There are many lessons to be learn't from the film and it shows that working as a team is so much better than trying to do it all alone. It introduces our children to engines from all over the world and makes them realise that the world is bigger than just where we live. 

Thomas & Friends: The Great Race is in cinemas from next weekend and then all throughout half term, so if you're looking for some half term fun, then look no further. You can also book online or over the phone at your local cinema, this is perfect for half term with the weather being so unpredictable.

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