Thursday, 5 May 2016

Tilly Reviews Chocolate Pizza From Prezzybox

We are really pleased to make an announcement on the blog that Tilly was asked to be a Kids Pundit for She now has a shiny certificate and some score cards to score her goodies that are sent from the company. Recently she received a parcel containing Make your own pizza, Unicorn colouring pencils and Colour your own palace. She is most excited about being able to review for Prezzybox and this is what she thought of the Chocolate Pizza.

She is a big fan of 'unboxing' and half of the excitement was receiving a box that she didn't really know what was in it. She excitedly opened it and found the chocolate beans, jelly beans and white chocolate shavings (that actually look like cheese), these were all for the 'toppings' for the pizza. For the base there were some chocolate buttons that we needed to melt down and use as the base for the pizza. I must admit, I didn't even know what to expect from a chocolate pizza! so it was a learning experience for us both. The pizza comes with full instructions and a reusable, quality metal pizza tray.

When the chocolate is melted, you pour it into the pizza tray and pop the 'toppings' on the top as if it was a real pizza. Tilly had a chance to be creative with this and some of the beans soaked into the chocolate, making it more exciting for when it comes to eating the pizza. The pizza goes in the fridge for about 20 mins until it is slightly hardened, then you need to slice the pizza. We let Tilly do this herself because it helps with her hand/eye coordination and it adds a bit of maths to the activity, she enjoyed cutting into slices. Then pop it back in the fridge to harden.

When the pizza is ready you can put it back into the box it arrived in and it looks just like a take away pizza. Its a perfect gift for them to make and give a family member or friend, or just a fun activity for the kids to make and share.

Now I am a fussy chocolate eater, and if it isn't a brand that I don't know, then I rarely eat it. I ate this because my daughter had made it and I actually liked the chocolate. It was creamy and tasty without being too sweet. We had a good time making this as a family and Tilly even roped her 23 year old sister in to helping her, so you don't have to be a child to enjoy this type of activity. The pizza is available from for £12.95

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