Friday, 6 May 2016

Vicky And Tilly Are Going To Europe :)

As you all know we have had one hell of a past year and it has affected little Miss Tilly a great deal. She has separation issues now and when ever myself or her brother or sister leave the house she has to kiss a cuddle us a dozen times before she lets you go, she even wants to know when you will be back and she will wait by the door and phone up if she feels you have been too long.

So this summer I made the choice to take her out of the whole situation and go to Europe for over three weeks. We booked some InterRail tickets and we will pack a backpack and just go to where the wind takes us. It wasn't cheap, the ticket was £379 from Rail Europe (works out £30 cheaper than InterRail directly) and it takes us to about 40 countries. I requested three weeks off work and have been saving hard to get some money put aside. Booking,com has become my new favourite website as we can book places to stay at such a good price and it is free cancellation, so if we change our minds then we simply cancel and don't have to pay for the room.

I am not travelling alone for the first part as I found the idea of travelling in Eastern Europe alone with a child a bit daunting, even my son has told me he doesn't agree with me going. He told me that if I can get Liam Neeson and his particular set of skills to come with us, then he is happy for me to go - Alas Liam didn't reply to my tweet. So we go alone. After two weeks my friend leaves us and flies home, and I am left to carry on with Tilly on my own, But I am a big girl now and since all of the older kids have moved out over the past few months, I find that I can actually do this mothering lark alone. My name is Vicky and since Zach moved out a week ago, I have managed to keep myself and Tilly alive!

So in July we fly out to Switzerland to start our journey of learning and to give Tilly some amazing memories for many years to come, she needs some good times put back to counteract the bad times that we have had recently. Tilly has some kind of understanding and she knows that we are travelling a lot to different destinations, but the reality of it is going to be so much harder on her. Not quite sure how she will manage train journeys of 4 hours at a time but thank goodness for Kindles and downloaded movies!

This is one adventure we are ready to take. We have started a travel blog to write about our holiday on and it is, do follow us and our adventures.

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