Wednesday, 22 June 2016

A Year On From The Devastation That Hit My Family

Its been nearly a whole year since my world fell apart, Its been nearly a year since I was told about the things my daughters boyfriend had done and little did we know the impact it would have on my family. We never knew that things were going to go from bad to worse in a matter of months.

Being a mum is difficult at the best of times but being a mum in the middle of a family crisis is incredibly difficult. I am so thankful for the support network that I had at the time, there were those that made life even more difficult and I will never forget how they were. I decided from the beginning to be open and honest about what had happened, well actually it took about three weeks for me to take it all in and process the horror of it all. But as I started to tell people what was happening, I had an over whelming amount of support. I decided that I needed to be strong and face it head on, this way I was telling everyone what was happening  and not waiting for people to gossip about what was happening behind my back. When people gossip, they change the facts and it gets twisted, at least telling people and being open and honest mean't that I at least had some control over what had  happened.

I knew I had to be strong to hold my little family together and I did it, but there were times when it hit me with full force and I just cried for what had happened. Even now a year on, people smile at me as they walk past and I never know if it is a sympathy smile or a genuine smile. Do they think of me as the person who lost her daughter to a paedophile? Are they judging me because I let this happen to my family? I wonder if people actually do realise how bad things like this can be, so many people live in their own bubble and to be honest I would love to live in a bubble and not have crap like this happen to us. But it happened and now we are dealing with the fall out as best we can

This week I went to see the FLO at school to organise some counselling for Tilly, We need to get something in place, she does know things that 6 year olds really shouldn't have to deal with, She has recently told some kids at school about the situation (although she doesn't know the real extent of the situation. She has told them what she thinks has happened). Although we told her not to talk to her friends, she must talk to adults about her feelings, the truth of the matter is that she misses her sister like hell and she needs to talk to people. I am not surprised she chose to talk to her friends, because we all talk our problems through with our friends and she is no different to anybody else.

So now we wait for the counseling to happen and hopefully my baby girl will get herself sorted out and will be able to understand whats happened now, but without knowing the full extent of things. We need to sort it out before she is an adult and develops MH problems because we never dealt with it.

We will look forward and continue to repair our family after the events that Nathan Green has caused, and I will campaign to get his face recognised as a paedophile until my dying breath! He took my family and now I will take his anonymity!Please sign the petition and help us raise awareness

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