Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Aldi Back To School Uniform Range.

Last year Tilly was invited to come along and be part of the Aldi Social media campaign for the new school uniform range that they had coming in to store, This year we were invited back and Tilly had a ball making the video and had a lovely day with the team behind the scenes. She was given some school unifrom and really had to put it through the tests as you would expect in your child's school day. We used Aldi school uniform last year for Tilly and we were surprised how good quality it was. Sometimes the colour on school jumpers will fade with time. But the fact we were still able to donate the uniform to the school after we had finished with it, shows the quality.  Tilly likes the sweaters as they are "fluffy".
The school uniform is available in store from from 7th July and available in store from 14th July. Make sure you buy it when you see it, because once its gone - its gone! You can get a whole school uniform for £4.00.  the £4 price for the uniform package covers all primary school ages (4-11 years). The package includes two polo shirts, one round neck jumper and either a pair of trousers or a skirt, making Aldi’s range the most competitive of all UK supermarkets.Its good value and its comfortable to wear. Anyway here is the video and I may be biased but I think that Tilly makes a perfect artist!

This was actually important for me too because anyone that knows me, will know that my confidence is rubbish and I shy from the limelight, but with this I was kind of determined to get involved and I am so pleased to have had the confidence to get in front of the camera and do it.

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