Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Bridal Beauty And Preparing For Your Big Day

When your the bride on your big day, people will look at your dress, your hair, your make up and your nails. Each one will need to compliment the other and this is where I have got together some bits of advice and some tips to help your big day go smoothly.

Think about your style weeks beforehand

Think about what your dress look like, so you know how much skin will be showing. Think about the length and the colour. In the weeks up to the big day, make sure that you use a good body lotion to rehydrate your skin and pay particular attention to the areas on view to everyone. Your makeup doesn't just have to belong on your face, if your using a bronzer then take it down your neck, arms, back and chest to add a touch of colour to your body and offer continuity with the make up.

Make sure you get plenty of hair and make up practices in before the big day, it may cost you if its being done professionally, but it will be worth it on the day. When having your make up and hair trials, wear a white t-shirt, this way you can ensure the make up colours wont make you look washed out against the white (if your dress is white of course.)


This is so important, do this a day or two before the big day, you don't want to do it on the day, you might end up with razor rash. To avoid any rash, use a lady shave. Don't forget that you also need to pay particular attention to that bikini line, after all our wedding night is such a special night to remember.


Before the wedding have a good manicure, clear the cuticles and provide yourself with a good base to apply your nail varnish. Whether you do it at home with a kit, or have it professionally done, you will be doing yourself a favour with one.

For a wedding, you don't want to have bright red or purple nails (unless its the colour of your dress) as it draws attention away from the dress. I would go for a simple french manicure, this gives a very natural look and you could jazz them up a bit with a touch of nail art. If you don't have the confidence to try the french manicure, you can always cheat  improvise with false nails, these are cheap to buy and often look really good. Make sure you apply them with a decent nail glue and pop some spare ones in a handbag or the bridesmaids bag- just in case of incidents or loss of nail.

Make up

To get great make up, you will need a good base to start on, so make sure its hydrated and use a good primer. This will help to keep the make up in place and will even out the skin and disguise a few fine lines
Although on your wedding day, your likely to spend a lot of time in the sun, i would still avoid using a foundation with a SPF, the reason for this is that it contains titanium dioxide and this will cause a reaction with a camera flash, leaving you looking pale in the wedding pictures.Go for a light base and translucent powder, this will make the area more matt and more photo friendly.

For the eyes, use eyelash curlers to open the eyes out for the camera, this makes them look wider and therefore much better for the pictures that you will cherish for the rest of your married life. Stick to natural eye shadows and avoid dark eyeliners. Always remember not to pile on the make up - less is more. Waterproof Mascara is a must, then you wont have to contend with the panda eyes when it all gets a bit much and you cry. If you need a bit if thickness added to your eye lashes, then choose some false lashes, but make sure you go for natural ones. Thick ones are great for going out in the town for a night out, but not so great for a wedding, you don't want to look like you have spiders crawling over your eyes, when the rest of your make up is so natural. A great tip for keeping make up in place for the whole day is to use a make up fix. For the lips and cheeks, use a lip and cheek tint, this will last much longer and when you apply it to your lips it will enhance the natural colour of your lips.


This needs to start weeks and weeks in advance really, you will need a few trials with your hairdresser and show her your dress or a picture of the dress to make sure she helps choose a style to suit and compliment the dress. Keep your hair in tip top condition before the big day and use a deep conditioning treatment if it needs it. This will give it optimum shine and will tame any frizz you have.

If you are going to colour your hair make it natural, especially if its a white wedding. If you go for a bright blue hair style, then the congregation will be fixated on that rather than the dress and everything else. Colour your hair about a week before the big day, this way you shouldn't have any staining on your face, neck or shoulders, use a good mousse on the big day and use hair spray to keep the hair in place.

Hopefully just a few tips to help you celebrate one of the the most important days of your life. if you're getting married this summer then I wish you all the best of luck, I was a summer bride and I loved it.

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