Monday, 6 June 2016

Fairy Flowerpot From InterPlay Review

When you are a little girl, fairies are an important part of your life. Tilly is no exception, she has fairy toys, Fairy doors, a fairy garden and now thanks to Interplay, we have been sent a fairy flower pot. This flower pot isn't just any old flower pot, it also has a fairy living inside it.

You can use this plant inside as well as outside and it can be used as part of a whole fairy land! The door on the front of the pot opens and there is a fairy inside there. The fairy is supposed to come on a plastic stand but this has snapped off which means she can't stand upright unless she is supported by a wall. I have spoken to Interplay and they are sending a replacement fairy as they would be any customer with this sort of issue.

The plant pot is quite small inside because you have to take into account the moulded room that the fairy lives in, but for a child it is a good size. The Fairy Flower pot does come with a packet of seeds but tilly wanted instant plants in there, patience isn't my daughters best quality. But having seeds give the chance for your child to learn about seeds and growing, without realising this can be turned into an educational toy.

This is a great product for helping to teach your child about seasons and also how things grow as well as adding some imagination into it. It gives them some responsibility because they have to look after a living thing. The plant pot already has holes in the bottom to let the water soak through so you won't flood your plant, but you will need a tray if you are using the plant pot inside.

The Fairy Flower Pot is a bargain at just £9.99 from Interplay and it works so well alongside Fairy Garden or Lily Pad Gardens. The best thing about this is that it is made of durable plastic, so even if your child keeps picking it up and playing with it, It wont smash into a thousand pieces.

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