Monday, 20 June 2016

How To Get The Festival Look With Bratz #Bratzfest

So it seems to be festival season again, its the time for us to grab our festival clothes, dig out or wellies because it always rains at festivals) and let your hair down and enjoy the music. Whether you actually manage to make it to Glastonbury or British Summer time 2016, or you're watching it on the TV, in the comfort of your own home then you need to get into the festival feeling. Tilly is such a huge music fan and will watch all types of concerts whether she is watching outside a pub on a Sunday afternoon or we go to a theatre to watch a band. She loves it. Tilly is a Bratz fan and she does take inspiration from things in her life, her toys, the TV and her friends. She really does use her imagination and she wanted to dress uplike her doll, so here we are to show you how to get the festival look like a Bratz Festival Vibes Doll

We bought the hippie style top from our local Barnardoes charity shop for about £2.50 and the hat and glasses she already had in her drawers. You can even get in the festival spirit by using a dressing up outfit from your child's dress up box, after all who is to say that you have to dress like a hippy to go to a festival?

 To complete her festival look she was given some wellies, because all good festival goers need a pair of wellies! I have been to Glastonbury and the mud is all part of the whole experience and with the weather being like it is at the moment, it does look very much like its going to be a wet festival season. Making your own festival wellies is so easy, you just need to grab yourself some stickers from an art shop or even Poundland and if you get the sticky ones, you don't need to use glue, so it becomes mess free too!

The people behind the Bratz dolls really do think of everything when they package the dolls. With the box coming with everything your Bratz doll needs to join in the festival fun, You will find that the handle of the box is actually a festival band that your child can wear on their wrist, so they can become part of their Bratz world too. 

We were sent Yasmin for Tilly to review and create her own music festival with. She got herself dressed from her dressing up box and got out there playing with her doll. My older girls had Bratz when they were the same age as Tilly and it is so cute seeing Tilly playing with the same toys. She did fall in love with her doll from the moment she opened her parcel and she did like the Bratz bag that you can fit all of her accessories in to. Yasmin even has her own little mobile phone with a cover,  Bratz have really been bought right up to date and they have the kids of accessories that kids have these days. The Yasmin festival Bratz doll has cool colour in her hair to, something that Tilly was amazed with, this made the doll even cooler. The Music Festival Vibes Bratz Dolls come complete with super cool festival fashions and accessories, along with a second outfit so they can change their doll to suit the festival.  Whether it’s a boho bash or a pop party, their independent style and tastes mean there is something for all kinds of music lovers.The Bratz and your child will soon be ready to hit this summer’s must-go festivals, Even if it is your garden hosting the event! Why not grab some festival clothes like we did from a charity shop and let them dress up the same as their Bratz Doll. The individual dolls are for sale in shops now for the price of  RRP £21.99. Follow them on Facebook for all the latest news

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