Thursday, 9 June 2016

Making Pasta From Scratch With Chequers Cooking School

Have you ever thought about making your own pasta? We had never thought about it until our local cooking school offered some Saturday cooking classes for kids. This week we went along to make some pasta, my kitchen at home is so small that you would think my house was designed for a family of little people. I am not the best cook in the world, but recently I have been cooking more food from fresh because it is better for myself and my family. It is also easier to cook from fresh and freeze it, because I can just defrost and warm up.

Making pasta was so easy, the recipe is easy to remember because it is basically 2 ingredients. All you need is 100 grams of 00 grade flour and an egg. You weight the flour and place it on to your super clean surface, making a well in the middle. You crack your egg in to a bowl and then pour it into the well, it doesn't matter if it leaks because you're going to mix it all up anyway.

Using your fingers and get right in there to mix it up, add more water if its needed to bind it all together. Then when its mixed and in a ball, you need to knead it a bit before rolling it into an oval shape. This is when you start to put it through the pasta machine, you need to keep putting it through to get it longer and thinner. Follow the instruction on your pasta machine as they all vary, when it is thin enough it will have got amazingly long and you will need to cut it in to two or three pieces. This is when you put it through the pasta shape attachment, we chose spaghetti and tagliatelle. Make sure your surface is fully floured, but not too much otherwise it can disturb the balance of the recipe.

When the pasta is shaped, you need to leave it to dry out. You can dry it over a sanitized wire hanger or the back of a chair, once it has dried out then it is ready to cook. When it is dried out, you can keep it in the fridge for a couple of days too.

Tilly had a fantastic cooking lesson, and we will probably maker pasta again in the future because it is so cheap to make. We took our pasta making class at Chequers Cooking School  and they have many more kids cooking classes, just pop over to the website for more details

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