Wednesday, 22 June 2016

My #BML16 Introduction Post

My name: Vicky Hall-Newman

How I look: I am the lady that doesn't do mornings, so don't expect someone with make up on. You will be lucky if I get to Brit mums without cereals thrown down my clothes from my daughter, who isn't even a baby anymore. I am the mum with natural silver highlights, but like I said to Tilly the other day, when she kindly pointed them out - i earn't every one of those silver hairs ;) I am not sure what I am wearing yet, but it will be something comfortable as its going to be a long day. Any way here is a picture of how I look.

Is this my first blogging event? No i went to BML last year and had an amazing time, I have also been to Blog Fest and Blog Camp.

I will be wearing… I am actually not sure yet, I have ordered a t-shirt with my blog details on it, but it hasn't arrived in time yet. Leggings are always a winner, they are comfy and I will wear some flat shoes as there will be a fair bit of walking.

What I hope to gain from #BML16: I am hoping to learn more about earning money from my blog, I have gone self employed so I am thinking that now is the time to monetise and make a wage for myself. After all of the issues my family has been through, I want to do the Dark Web session but I am also scared to know more about it. To be honest, I could probably run the session ;) But in reality as much as I want to learn about it more, I feel that it is still too raw and I am scared to know anymore. Sometimes ignorance is easier. it will be good to get together with some other bloggers too. 

My tips for a great conference: Flat shoes, it is a long day, bring loads of business cards and if you have a long journey home, bring a suitcase on wheels as you can put every thing in there at the end of the day. There will be a few brands there offering you products to try and your bags can get heavy. 

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