Thursday, 30 June 2016

My BritMums 2016 Experience

So last weekend was the biggest conference of the year for bloggers, I was lucky to be sponsored by The Hole In The Roof and I travelled up the night before to stay in North London close to some other bloggers and to have a  night out, I stayed in a Travelodge in Chesunt which was lovely and clean but, but the less said about the night - the better!

We got up early and travelled 20 mins into London to get to the Brewery. On arrival we waited for our badges and made our way to listen to some speakers and see what the day entailed. I had a good day listening to the panels and participating in the round tables with the brands but there just didn't seem to be the buzz that there normally was at the conference. Maybe its because it is compacted into one day now and it was a very long day - I was exhausted so I cant imagine how the BritMums staff coped with it.

I listened about how to work on travel blogging and I learned so much whilst sharing a table with a lovely lady from Travelodge. Now I know how better to work with companies and picked up some great tips for my huge Europe trip. There was a session about making money on the blog, which is something that I am really looking forward to get more involved in. I have just registered as self employed so all the help I can get is needed. I picked up so many tips and actually understand Affiliate links now! 

We had a really nice lunch and had time to mingle with some brands, this is a great way to meet the people behind the brand and start building relationships. I did find there was a lot of baby brands and smaller kids brands and with Tilly being 6 a lot of it was no good to us really. So some brands aimed at older kids or teenagers would be a refreshing change. I did like meeting DC Thomson as Tilly has a huge interest in comics and I loved the Caravan Club because festivals is all about me and we will love getting involved in The Big Little Tent Festival because it gets kids out doors and when we went camping last year we had so much fun! I also did a brand session with the Caravan Club where we made some Bloody Mary's, the idea was to show that we don't have to eat beans from a tin when we go camping, we can eat drink and be merry. The session was taken by Martin Dorey from BBC 2 show One man and his Camper Van. 

It was a very long day and I did actually doze off in a couple of the breakout sessions and sadly there were not as many people staying for the Keynote speeches at the end and the awards. I did have a good day and I learnt more than I would have done if I had googled the subject. It was great to mingle and network with other bloggers and to put faces to the brands that we work with. BritMums is always a good social event but sadly the atmosphere seemed to be dampened by the fact it was all crammed in to one day, There were loads of people not happy about various things and one blogger even took to Twitter to complain about watered down wine that was actually a Spritzer sponsored by Asda. But I suppose there were a lot of people and it is very difficult to please everyone. On a whole it was a good and educational day for me, it was just sooooooo long! i enjoyed it and can't wait for the next one.

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