Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Personalised Books From Love2Read Review About Tillys Story

When I had Tilly after a 15 year age gap, I suppose that I never really thought about the impact it would have on her when her siblings moved out as they got older. So here I am, with Tilly who is now six and over the past year all of her siblings have moved out and into their own homes. It has been difficult for Tilly to cope with because she is used to having so much family around her. So when I was approached by Love2Read and asked if I would like to make a book of Tillys life, I knew it was the perfect gift to give her.

You get to choose 9 special photos and you simply turn them into a story. I chose the book ''My Family'' and got to work on their website, trying to create the perfect story for her. She helped me to choose some pictures that she wanted in there and you can add your own text, so the storyline can be as simple or difficult as you wish but you can only write a few words under each picture - so its perfect for someone learning to read.

Creating your own Love2Read book is so easy, you just go to the website and go to the create tab, then you are given loads of options for different story titles for your book. What I liked the best was the fact that you can buy a book for a single child called My Family or My Dad etc or you can buy a book to give to some siblings saying Our Family or Our Dad. We chose Our Family and set to work. You add a picture and then you have a space to put the text, now you only get 30 character, so make your captions small. I chose words she could easily read and also added some other words that were relevant to her life. You do need to have good quality pictures but I downloaded my favourite ones from Facebook and the quality was good with them. You are offered the option of changing border colours of the photos and have the option of rotating pictures. When you upload your pictures in to the book, the first four pictures will become your front cover of the book. When the book is finished, you have the option to read through it and edit it if its needed.

You put the finished book in to your cart and then go through to the checkout, your book will be with you in a few days. When we submitted ours, we were asked if we wanted it to be called Tilly's Family instead of My Family. This makes it even more personal to her. The company are on Twitter so if you come across a problem, they are there to help straight away.

I was at work when I received an email to say my book had been dispatched, so I knew it would be there by the next day but I got a nice surprise when we arrived home and the book was there already. It is made of a good quality paper and the pictures look amazing, they were sharp and bright. The words were written like a school reading book so it was easy for Tilly to read and because it was a book all about her, she was keen to read it. The book isn't too long, so it captures their attention for just long enough and if the kids want you to read them a book before bed, then this is the one to go for. Our book has an extra meaning to us because of all of the things my family has experienced over the past year, so to have a book with her sister in it means so much for Tilly. We are not your everyday family, but we are a family worthy of being in our own little story book.

This is a perfect gift for friends birthdays, Christmas stocking fillers and even a book for Daddy for Fathers day this year (order by June 14th). Please check the website out at  The book is priced at £14.99 and worth every penny

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