Friday, 10 June 2016

Why I Am Voting To Stay In The EU

So just under two weeks until we decide whether we want to vote in or out, People keep asking me what I am voting and I am going to share with you why I am voting to stay in the EU.

Firstly I am just a part time working mum who, to be honest didn't ask for the responsibility of deciding the future of our country because that is what has fallen on all of our shoulders. You may think that your one vote, won't make a difference, but it will. I am not going to spout off anything about suffragette dying to get our votes, because its not about the past - its about the future.

So why am I voting in, when most of the country wants to vote out?

Firstly IMMIGRATION - I see a lot of people who think that if we leave the Eu, immigration will stop and our country will get back to belonging to us. YES immigration is a problem, but it is the illegal immigrants that are the problem, not the legal ones that come to our country and work as doctors, pharmacists, nurses....... the list is endless. We have legal immigrants that will do the work that the lazy English won't do, They think the jobs are below them and pass them by, instead choosing to sign on. It is a well known fact that an Eastern European is more likely to work harder than an English person. A lot of building companies employ legal immigrants because they will get twice as much work done as Joe Blogs from Kent. Its sad but it is a fact and these people help our country to run as it is today. The illegal immigrants are going to come in whether we want them or not, they will always find a way. They will always hide on somebodies lorry or sail in a dinghy from France. If I use my vote to vote out, then we lose skilled workers that want to work here and we will still have the illegal problem - it won't go away over night if we vote out.

Secondly - OPEN BORDERS - I see a lot of discussion about our so called 'open border' policy and if we leave the EU, then our borders will close to people wanting to come to the country. The thing is our borders are not open! We all need a passport to get in and out of the country, if you don't have the right paperwork or the right passport - you ain't getting in. We have terrorist watch lists at our borders and we have a border force to try and stem the amount of people coming in to the country. Where as mainland Europe does have open borders, you can move from country to country without needing a passport. When I travelled to Europe with my children a few years ago, I was actually shocked how easy it was to get lost in the Europe, because once you land at the airport and you show your passport, thats it until you go home. We flew in to Cologne and then traveled freely to Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Lichtenstein. Yes, I  see how damaging it is to have open borders but we don't actually have them. So voting out won't make a difference to this. There is a lot about closing our country to other people, but to me this sounds like Hitlers Germany, it sounds like people want UK for the British and nobody else. Did we really not learn from Hitlers mistakes, because to me it sounds like this is what people want. Okay we wont be going to his extremes, but we should welcome all sorts of people into our county.

Thirdly - PROTECTION WITH RIGHTS - When I fell pregnant with Tilly, I was amazed to find that I was entitled to up to a year off for maternity leave, with 9 months being paid. I was lucky as I was on minimum wage and my maternity pay was the same as my wages would have been at work. This time is important for you to bond with your baby and to be honest your life is never the same again and you have to rethink your whole life! so having all this time to think about it is perfect. But the EU protect so many more of our rights, like health and safety at work, equality and discrimination. What happens when we are no longer covered by the EU? Who will be out to look after our rights then, because it wont be our own government who are out to line their own pockets and let the rich get richer and the poor get poorer! We also have the Court of Human Rights, I know recently it may have protected the wrong people but it is also there to help others. Recently with my own experience with the court system showing they can't be trusted and they let a guilty man walk free, it is good to know that the Court of Human Rights is there to back us up - Lets face it, sometimes the courts get it wrong ..... very wrong!

Fourth - DATA ROAMING - Don't we all hate the charges we incur when we go abroad? its extremely hard if you are on a contract and you are caught out and run up a bill, without realising until you get home. The EU are set to abolish data roaming charges from next April, surely this would benefit all of us that do travel abroad,

Fifth - DUTY FREE - This might just be a Kent thing, but how many of us pop over to France or Belgium and fill the car with beer and fags? How many of us buy beer or fags when we are on holiday? That's because we have reasonable limits on the amount of duty free we can bring in to the country as long as it is for our own consumption or as a gift. Do we really want to go to a place where we can only bring in one litre of spirits instead of ten? This is going to have an impact on ferry companies as they loose the income from day trippers, and we lose our cheap beer and fags!

Sixth - SAVING THE NHS - I am a bit sick of seeing everywhere, that all the money that we put in to the EU, could be used better for the NHS ....... This is not going to happen if we leave the EU, the government will not put all the money into the NHS. We will always struggle with the NHS funding as we will with funding for schools, and the army. This campaign about saving the NHS was purely set up by the OUT camp, because it is one that effects us all, we have all seen the cuts in NHS and how they effect the patients, how operations are cancelled and how people are being failed by it. Leaving the EU is not suddenly going to repair our NHS, and if we we leave it is in fact going to be worse off because we will not have the influx of foreign doctors who are actually really good at their jobs.

These are just a few of the reasons I am voting to stay in the EU, everyone has an opinion and we are going to be divided but we need to think about the welfare of the UK for our children and grandchildren because it is them who it will effect more than us. We are making an important choice and we shouldn't let things like immigration influence our vote because immigration will not go away if we vote out.

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