Friday, 8 July 2016

6 Beauty Must Haves For Your Holiday

Today I bring you a post of beauty products that will help to make your holiday go well. I have used all of these products and the tips are my own. So please take a read and enjoy!

Something that I discovered when I went to Turkey last year was that although I took a foundation for the nights out, it was an absolute waste of time. After a couple of days and I started to tan, I found my foundation was too light and it made me look ill, in fact it made me look like I had died a week before hand. Luckily I was on a girls holiday and one of them had thought to bring a darker foundation with them. So my suggestion is to take a second foundation that is darker than your first one and if you find that you are between shades you can also mix the two shades together to get the match for your skin. Sometime the best products come from experimenting!
SPF products
A foundation or sun cream with a good SPF is a must have because when you go out in the evening, you really don’t want to be putting sun cream on as well as your moisturiser and make up. So as the sun is usually still shining when you go out for dinner and drinks, just make sure you have some SPF coverage

Make up
A make up palette with everything included  is one of my must haves, I know that we always used to get one of these from our mums when we were about 13, and we always wondered why! But they really are a great idea as you get everything you want in one handy little package. These days you can actually buy some really good palettes and they save a lot of space in the suitcase. Many of us travel these days with just hand luggage so it is more important to pack as little as possible. Barry M’s Natural Palette No2 has a range of eye shadows, meaning you can go from day to night in a flash. It also has a primer to keep the eye shadow in place. My favourite palette is B. Creative Art Edition Volume 1, it contains eye shadows and an eye primer. It also comes with a mascara to complete the look and a brow kit, because we all know it is all about the brows at the moment. The kit also has the brushes to apply the make up, so it is a really good value product.
Hair sun spray
Sun spray for your hair, now this is something that isn’t much known about but it is an amazing product. You spray it on your hair and it helps to prevent sun damage. Too much sun damage can really dry your hair out. It provides a protection for your scalp too and protects it from burning in the sun. Sun sprays for hair are non greasy and dry quickly, so your hair will still look good.

Facial wipes
Make up wipes, these come with the ability to remove waterproof make up too. They are so much better to take away with you because you won’t have to worry about taking a cleanser, toner and cotton wool pads. They usually come in compact packs and you can use them to freshen up on your journey too.

If you are going on a sun holiday, then take a bronzer, it adds some highlight to your face and will work really well with your tanned face. You can use it as an all over colour or just on your cheeks and eyes. It looks good and compliments your tan.

All you need to do now is go off and have a fab holiday, J

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