Monday, 4 July 2016

7 Things You Could Do Whilst Commuting On A Stagecoach Bus

This week it is Catch the bus week and this is actually the story of my life! I dont work in my little town, I have to go somewhere else for the job that I like doing and the down fall is the commute. I travel three days a week by Stagecoach and instead of letting this get me down and stress me out, I actually use it to my benefit.

I have to to get one Stagecoach bus to the next town and then I change to another bus, but when I get on my first bus I grab my earphones, crank Amy Winehouse up loud and sit back in my own little world. This is my absolute child free time and because my music is on, I am in my own little world - the is ME time. I use it to scroll thorough Facebook, catch up on Twitter, sometimes I even tweet the company if the driver does go up and above with the passengers, only recently I tweeted as a driver went out of his way to help elderly and disabled passengers on to the bus. Then its time to reply to emails. Being a blogger isn't all about just writing a blog, there is so much more to it and this is the time I catch up. Quite often my best blog posts actually come from being written on the commute to work, and if I can't write a post then I make note of ideas and scribble them in my little note book.

Sometimes my time is spent, just staring out of the window and I always seem to notice things that I had never noticed before. I think to myself  ''How did I miss that''? and sometimes I swear that everything just seems to change all the time. Everyone does something different on the bus and people watching is another pastime, I just watch what they are doing, listening to their one sided conversations on their mobiles and giggle to myself because I can make up the other half of the conversation - a benefit of a good imagination I suppose. 

People often ask me why I take the bus, especially when it is an hour and half each way. I simply tell them that the bus fare price is £6.50 for an explorer ticket, I couldn't get to work any cheaper and it really does give me time to work on the bus. The bus is an experience sometimes but I just laugh and carry on. 

If you commuted for just 6 hours a week on a Stagecoach bus, here are 7 things you could do

1. 12 Facetimes catch ups with friends and family using the free Wifi onboard
2. In one year of commuting by bus, you could read about 52 books
3. Bus commuters could learn French onboard in just half a year!
4. Bus commuters could watch every episode of Game of Thrones, Mad Men and Breaking Bad in a year!
5. You could knit 28 scarves a year!
6. Enough time to read 8,550 newspaper articles
7. A third of bus commuters listen to other people’s conversations!

Do you commute by bus, if so what do you do with your time?

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