Thursday, 7 July 2016

An Open Letter To Nathan Green - Paedophile

Dear Nathan Green (paedophile) of Bromsgrove, Worcester

Don’t get excited, this is in no way an open letter of forgiveness for the harm you have done, in fact it is the opposite it is to explain why I will never give up.

I will never give up getting your face out there, exposing you as the paedophile that you are. People need to know how dangerous you are, and they need to be aware that you strike when people don’t expect it. As soon as you think you can open your door and leave your flat, I will be one step ahead of you. I will be making people aware of who you are and what you have done. What kind of person offers their own baby to paedophiles? You make me feel physically sick. I will always be there picking the story up in a newspaper or magazine, I will do all I can to ensure there are no more victims. This isn't ever going to go away, not all the time I am living and breathing.

I will never give up living, surviving or even getting through the day in one piece, I think you under estimated me! I am not a person to mess with. You can kick me when I am down, but I will just get up again, dust myself off and fight another day.

I will never give up campaigning about how easy it is to have your child groomed under your nose. If I can educate one person on the signs of a child being groomed, then I will have saved one child.

I will never stop wishing you had never entered her life when she was a kid, pretending to be her friend. Buying her friendship with gifts and letters. Every day I ask myself why I didn’t put a stop to it then, but maybe you would have moved on to another child. A child of a parent who wasn’t strong enough to use their voice like I can. I am that parent who is not scared of you, because I know damn well that you are scared of me!

I will never give up trying to get my daughter back from your clutches, She is my daughter – my baby! You lost your own daughter because of your disgusting and vile behaviour, it’s not fair that you took mine too. I will never give up waiting for her to come home! You have groomed her and brainwashed her, she must feel so alone having to live the life you are making her live. You can never have another child with my daughter, not all the time you are on the sex offenders list for the next ten years, you need to let her go so she can start her life again. I love my daughter and she is loved by many people, these people all want her back in their life. They want the sunshine back, they want their sister, friend, daughter. I think you need to stop and let her go – you need to let her come home to her mum. She needs to be with me, no matter what you are telling me. My daughter deserves so much more than you, she deserves a normal life.

From the Mum who never gives up!
PLease sign the petition to get him jailed for his crimes! it is available here

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