Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Blending Essential Oils With Buff And Butter

Some people are scared of essential oils and what you can actually do with them, I was scared with oils to start with but once you have a little play about, it is so easy to mix and blend essential oils.

I have been sent some essential oils from Buff and Butter and I thought I would see exactly what I could do with them. Buff and Butter essential oils start at £1.69 and they offer a range of organic essential oils for the people who like to use organic products. The website is extremely easy to navigate and within minutes you could have your essential oils ready to be sent out to you. Buff and Butter don't just sell the essential oils, they sell a range of candle oils and candle making equipment for you to carry the aromatherapy through out your home. Delivery for us was super quick, which I am happy with because when I am shopping on line, I want it as soon as possible. They have this to say about their products ''We have a firm belief that as we are all natural beings that are part of nature, surely it stands to reason that nature provides remedies and foodstuffs to help fight against and prevent illness, as well as helping keep our bodies looking and feeling healthy.''

The list of things you can do is actually endless and to start with I bought a packet of little bottles, the ones that you buy when you are going away on holiday. you can usually pick these up in the Pound shop or somewhere similar.

What you need is

10 drops of Lavender oil
10 drops of Grapefruit oil
A spray bottle
Cold water

To start with you need to add ten drops of lavender oil and then 10 drops of grapefruit oil to the bottle. fill this up with water to the top and it really is as simple as that! Give the bottle a shake and leave it to settle. The oil will probably lay on the top of the bottle, but that is science because we all know that water and oil don't really mix. So every time you want to use the spray, just simply shake and use. This spray mixture is a good blend for making you feel refreshed and it is good for stress, so as this is all natural you could use it on your skin as well as a room spray. You can use it on your sofa, curtains and bed to freshen it all up and to be honest I love the smell of lavender, it makes a home feel more refreshed.

Another oil we have is Rose Geranium oil, this is a good oil to use on dry and sensitive skin because it comforts the skin. We can make a simple moisturiser with rose geranium and an unscented body butter or cream.

What you need

1-2 drops of Rose Geranium
Unscented body butter or lotion
optional is 4 drops of Argan Oil, this is very popular at the moment because it has so many properties that will help your skin, it is moisturising and will work well along side the rose geranium. It is fab for soothing the skin too.

This is a good body lotion and because of the ingredient of the Argan Oil, then it makes it ideal to use on the face, but I would also try a little bit at a time jsut to make sure that it doesn't react with your skin. 

You can also make a soothing body butter by blending Lavender and Rose Geranium, simply add 2 drops of each essential oil and mix with the body butter, but I wouldn't add the Argan oil to this. 

Another essential oil to try is Vetiver, it is an aphrodisiac as well as an antiseptic and it keeps the brain alert. There have even been claims that it help with ADHD. So if you and your loved one are feeling that you need to spice it up a bit, add a few drops of vetiver to your bath water and take a soak together or you could add it to some jojoba oil and use it as a massage oil. If you find your brain flagging and you can't concentrate, rub a drop or two of vetiver to your temples and let it get to work.

You do need to be careful when you are using essential oils because there are times that you shouldn't use them like when you are pregnant. If you're not sure, please check with the doctor first. Also when mixing essential oils, make sure you are mixing oils that can be mixed together and that you know will work well to your benefit. You can get more advice from website online or from an aromatherapist.

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